Build Your Stash of Low Volume Quilt Fabric: By the Yard, Precuts, and Curated Bundles

Just because you're going low-key with your fabric doesn't mean you can't make a statement!

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Updated: 4-12-24

Are you like me and always on the lookout for new fabrics to add to your stash?

Well, if you're looking for something different to add interest to your piecing, I'd recommend expanding your horizons into the world of low volume fabrics.

Low volume prints typically have a muted color palette – often made up of various shades of white, gray, tan, beige, and pastels. While at first glance, these fabrics may seem boring, they can be used to create beautiful quilts when combined with other prints in interesting ways.

So if you're looking for a way to add more variety to your quilts, consider giving low volume fabrics a try!

Tips for choosing low volume fabrics

The brighter fabrics in your design ultimately determine if a particular low volume background will work in your quilt.

Don't forget to check the BEST quilt shop around—YOUR STASH—to search out those leftovers precious bits from previous quilt projects. There's treasure in them-there boxes! If you are a reproduction quilter, check your stock of shirtings.

If you can't pass up a pack of FQs from your favorite designer, look for the background prints in their latest designs and add them to your low volume stash. 

When working with a new quilt design, adding more low volume fabric is an interesting way to add texture and depth of color. Variety is key. Don't limit your options by sticking with too few low volume prints; it could lead to one particular print standing out from the rest.

Enjoy the process. It feels good to use up fabrics!

Helpful bundles of low volume fabrics

If you don't have a low volume background stash, precut FQ bundles are a quick, wonderful way to remedy the situation.

An added bonus is that the fat quarters automatically coordinate. You won't have to search out those random 'stand-outs' for removal.

You'll find three groups of low volume fabrics below.

First are the new fabrics that are exclusively NEW low volume prints. These subtle designs can be purchased as not only fat quarters, but as yardage and sometimes other precut sizes.

The second group contains CURATED fat quarter bundles. These soft prints are pulled various previous lines or a from a group of designers across a brand. However, the whole pack contains nothing but these low contrasting background prints, selected specifically to blend.

The third group is Fat Quarter Shops' Low Volume quilt fabric club. A convenient way to have 16 new fat quarters shipped to you every month to add to your stash. These fabrics are pulled from multiple designers.

Use these links to skip to the group of your choice:

New low volume fabric collections

The low volume prints in each pack are designed intentionally as a low volume collection. Some go with another related line like Garden Gatherings by Primitive Gatherings.

To find even more of these precious prints, look at the different fabrics from each of the major brands. Frequently they contain more than one background that would complement your low volume stash. [Browse all the major fabric brands here.]

The FQ bundles below are sorted first by brand and then alphabetically, though clicking on the picture or the colored buttons will take you to all the yardage and precuts available for that line, not just the FQ bundles.

Andover Fabrics

Cameo by Andover Fabrics

Following in the footsteps of 2021's Creme Fraiche collection, Cameo by Andover Fabrics offers a versatile and soothing selection of beige, cream, and tan background fabrics. The delicate tone-on-tone designs and geometric doodles are the ultimate supporting player. They won't take away from your pieced design.

If you've wanted to start a low-volume fabric stash, Cameo is a good place to start.

Cloud Nine by Laundry Basket Quilts for Andover Fabrics

This fabric collection from Laundry Basket Quilts is the cream of the crop. A light color palette full of florals, dots, grids, diamonds, and even text motifs. You'll find these low volumes are well-suited for any lighter-colored project.

Seabreeze by Laundry Basket Quilts (2/23)

Whisper soft and serene, Seabreeze evokes memories of a sun-dappled beach and the rhythmic sound of gentle waves.

With its subtle hints of blues and greens that evoke the ocean's colors, this traditional fabric collection will give your quilts an airy ambiance sure to lighten any mood.

Let this classic design inspire you with its timeless beauty, and enjoy its calming neutrality in your private oasis. Let the Seabreeze take you away.

St. Leonard by Max & Louise

Delight in the delicate details of St. Leonard by Max & Louise.

This timeless low-volume, shirting collection features charming shapes, stripes, checks, diamonds, leaves, and dots against a soft cream, beige and tan backdrops.

Art Gallery Fabrics

Capsules Lower the Volume by AGF Studio

A plethora of subtle patterning greets the eye in this captivating collection of white and cream quilt fabrics. From typewritten characters to meandering crisscross designs, all the way to dainty flowers and delicate dots - these prints add delightful movement and depth to your quilt designs. And who can resist the minimalist map print – a unique addition to your fabric stash!

Bring a touch of elegance, charm, and sophistication to your quilting projects with Capsules Lower the Volume from AGF Studios.

Capsules Soften the Volume by AGF Studio

Understated elegance is what comes to mind with AGF's Soften The Volume collection. With its sophisticated neutrals and modern prints, this fabric range is all about creating depth and texture.

Like a peaceful field of wheat swaying in the breeze, the beige, white and khaki prints provide tasteful contrast to the warm caramel tones. Create cozy memories with Soften The Volume and make your next quilt one to be remembered.

Free patterns that use this collection include:

Mix the Volume by AGF Studio  (1/24)

Turn up the volume on modern quilting with this nuanced collection! 🎶 From quiet backgrounds to barely there prints, these fabrics ebb and flow in tone and texture. Hard lines dance with loose curves across a muted palette, conjuring a contemporary composition waiting for your stylish touch. 🖌️ Wrapped in artsy delight, these fabrics will strike a chord of inspiration for your next modern masterpiece! 🎨

Vert Fusion by AGF

Surround yourself in tranquility with the low-volume Vert Fusion collection by AGF. The prints in this collection are full of organic elements, soft sand, and aloe tones that aim to soothe the soul through nature’s natural powers.

Each print in the line has its own unique color and texture. None stands out more than another. The neutral tones in this range pair well with other AGF collections.

AGF has provided two free patterns, Quietude and Windblown. Click either image to download it now. 


Low Key by Clothworks Fabrics

You won't need to be leaving on a jet plane anytime soon to find unique fabrics.

Clothworks has just the ticket for you with Low Key. These new low volume background fabrics are perfect for adding a subtle bit of fun and adventure to any project. Filled with the images from adventures long ago, you'll find boarding passes (remember those?), baggage claim tickets, even passport stamps. Mementos of your wanderlust.

Sew creative. Have some fun with Low Key!

Free Spirit Fabrics

Monochrome by Tim Holtz

A range of beautifully muted tones, perfect for adding a touch of vintage elegance to your projects.

From light tan hues of parchment and linen to deep charcoal and gray tones, this collection offers a variety of versatile options for your next project.

So whether you're looking for a hardwood floor print or something with a touch of starry whimsy, there's something here for every quilter.

Marcus Fabrics

Foundation by Timeworn Toolbox Designs

Building a quilt takes as much imagination and creativity as the fabric used to create it. Timeworn Toolbox Designs reminds us of this with its collection of charming cream background shirtings, all inspired by construction terms and tools—and in keeping with their ongoing building theme.

By using these construction-inspired elements and a neutral, low contrast aesthetic, you create patchwork that is both subtle yet beautiful.

Foundation II by Timeworn Toolbox

Subtle as it may be, the construction-inspired patterns and neutral aesthetics of Timeworn Toolbox Design's Foundation make it the perfect addition to any quilter's stash. With its versatile cream colors, this fabric line is perfect for adding a bit of low-volume interest.

Sample Shirtings by Paula Barnes (9/23)

Charming ditsy florals in faded red and cornflower blue. Tiny polka dot meadows with botanical silhouettes. 💐 Classic geometrics in shades of canyon clay and sooty charcoal.

The perfect fabrics for a cozy quilt or blouse with vintage appeal.

Sew a story of timeworn romance and handcrafted style. These antique-inspired prints call to mind lazy Sunday picnics and love letters sealed with a kiss. 


Coriander Seeds for Corey Yoder

Prepare to be dazzled by the latest from Corey Yoder—Coriander Seeds. This stunning range is all about white-on-white neutrals, with textures and designs that will take your breath away. Add a touch of elegance to your quilts, or start with them as the base for the three patterns below.

Plant your Coriander Seeds and watch them grow!

Garden Gatherings Shirtings by Primitive Gatherings

Wander through the meadow, taking in the sweet fragrance of wildflowers as you go.

The soft florals and prints in this fabric collection by Primitive Gatherings for Moda Fabrics are like a breath of fresh air. With delicate blues, reds and creams, these fabrics add a touch of romance to any of your quilt projects.

Linen Cupboard by Fig Tree Quilts (11/23)

Unearth vintage charm from Fig Tree Quilts.

Softly faded florals, gently worn geometric, and scissors in sunbleached hues of blush, denim, and ivory. A delightful mix of patterns that feel plucked from your grandmother's trunk.

Add some old-fashioned beauty to your next quilting project or showcase these prints as the perfect muted backgrounds. However you use them, they're sure to add cozy nostalgia to your next project. 💐🪡📰

Mix It Up (2/23)

Understated yet dynamic, this low volume quilt fabric  collection of neutrals offers a subtle twist to your next project.

Perfect for when you want your work to sparkle without being too loud, the unique tones and fascinating shapes will add just enough pizzazz to make it stand out from the crowd. With Mix It Up, you're sure to be the talk of the quilting bee!

Modern Background Even More Paper by Zen Chic for Moda Fabrics

Explore the modern art-inspired designs of Modern Background Even More Paper by Zen Chic .

Delicate blue, gray, cream, and white markings with abstract-inspired shapes will add a touch of creative flair to your next project.

This is the 6th addition to this popular fabric line by creative inspirations of Zen Chic. 

Riley Blake Designs

2023 Bee Backgrounds by Lori Holt (9/23)

Dot your designs with sweet spots of charm using Lori Holt's 2023 Bee Backgrounds.

These vintage-inspired mini polka dots evoke picnic blankets and lemonade on the porch. The tiny scale adds whimsy without overwhelming - simply deliciously dotted pops of positivity.

However you use them, they'll have you buzzing with inspiration. 🐝🍯

Bee Backgrounds by Lori Holt
for Bee in My Bonnet (7/17, 7/20, 9/20)

Bee Backgrounds features prints with a white or cream low volume background and whimsical motifs like honeycombs, stitch marks, and cursive writing (remember cursive writing?) in small bits of bright colors. These work together for a scrappy, low contrast look as well as by themselves.

Bee Plaids Backgrounds (3/22)

Bee Plaids Backgrounds is the perfect companion to Lori Holt's Bee Plaids basics collection.

This delightful fabric line features small, hand-drawn stars with dashed lines and open grids on a creamy background that will add a whimsical element to any quilting project. With Bee Plaids Backgrounds, you can easily coordinate an eye-catching design that will have everyone enticed by the creativity of your Bee Plaids masterpiece.

Blossom on White 2022 by Christopher Thompson

Blossom on White by Christopher Thompson has time teeny-tiny blossoms in bright colors, all on a white background.

A perfect addition to your low volume background stash—a color for every quilt project.

Prairie Shirtings by Lori Holt (7/22)

While Lori is renowned for her kitschy-perfect prints, she's also well-known for her background fabrics.

With a perfect cream background, this fabric is versatile and perfect for a variety of projects. The low-volume means that it won't overwhelm your other fabrics, and the cream color complements any other colors you use.

Love low-volume prints? Want even more? My page on the currently available low volumes is for you.

Robert Kaufman

Mini Madness 2021 by Studio RK

Looking for a new white fabric collection? You'll love this fun-fun-fun Mini Madness collection from Studio RK!

These stars, pin dots, snowflakes, and more will make your creative heart grin.

Timeless Treasures

Opal Tonga Batiks by Timeless Treasures

Opal Tonga Batiks is a brilliant low volume batik collection that will add some subtle luster to your fabric stash.

This beautiful collection of monotone prints in cream with hints of blush-pink, icy blue and sun-bleached yellow highlights will satisfy quilters who crave the charm and elegance of batiks. Its mottled motifs are sure to add a touch of sophistication to any quilt. 

Wilmington Prints

Sew Happy Essentials

Spice up your quilting projects with Sew Happy Essentials.

This tone-on-tone white collection boats beautifully patterned designs, depicting quilting ephemera like spools, pins, and thimbles. Sweeten the deal by giving your project an extra pop of personality.

Curated Low Volume Fat Quarter Bundles

Take the hassle and uncertainty out of choosing low volume fabrics to use together. These curated bundles are gathered from several lines to create a group that works well together.

There's no need to be afraid of mixing prints from different designers. In fact, you'll be glad you did!

Ambient Mix FQ Bundle by Moda

An exquisite ensemble of serene prints gathered from the enchanting Moda fabric lines: Cinnamon & Cream, Dwell, Graze and Happiness Blooms.

All sure to bring you calmness in between sips of tea.

Dreamy Low Volume

Search no more! This curated collection picks only from the best of the best, pulling FQs from these favorites: Pumpkins & Blossoms, Beautiful Day, Beyond Bella, Stitched, Prairie Days, Love Lily, One Fine Day, Renew, Belle Isle, Stitched, Make Time, Sincerely Yours, Roselyn, Grunge Seeing Stars, and Love Note.

All are selected to coordinate with each other. The ideal low volume collection.

Hush Hush 3 by Various Riley Blake designers (10/23)

Softly hued, gently spirited—Hush Hush 3 whispers in dreamy low volumes. Minimalist prints float across creamy neutrals, quieting the canvas like a blank page.

Tiny blossoms, scattered fruit, and dainty leaves make impressions without disturbance. Marks of graphite stitching, a pinwheel's breeze, notions in neat rows—the subtle signs of imagination.

In these backgrounds of porcelain and cloud, you supply the composition. Then watch your vision emerge in stitches, building texture, adding depth in muted verses. 🤫🌸✏️

Hush Hush 2 by RBD Designers (10/22)

Calm and serene best describe this latest collection from RBD Designs. Hush Hush 2 features a beautiful array of neutral prints on cream, white, and light tan backgrounds. The eclectic group of motifs includes the likes of rulers and schematics, stitch marks, and the usual suspects—dots, plaids, prints, and stripes. A veritable Pu Pu platter of peaceful prints.

Hush Hush a Collaborative Collection by Riley Blake Designers (10/21)

Modern is the new traditional! Transform your new patchwork into a work of art with this wonderful neutral fabric collection from Riley Blake.

Filled with low-volume prints of rulers, schematics, basic shapes, stitch marks, color list text, and plaids, you'll be able to add a surprise treat for those who step close to your patchwork creations.

Lights On! by RBD Designers (1/24)

Lights On by Riley BlakeLights On
Various RBD designers
Riley Blake

These soft tone-on-tone prints evoke 🦋 fluttering wings in a summer meadow. Their muted palette is like an artist's canvas before the paint, full of possibility. Subtle textures that feel like rose 🌹 petals.

Lori Holt Background Builder

These low volumes are cream and off-white background prints gathered from her previous designs.

Love low-volume prints? Want even more? My page on the currently available low volumes is for you.

Low Volume by Free Spirit - This one's a Layer Cake

An exquisite collection of low volume, barely-there-color and pattern await you with this new collection from Free Spirit. Create with them to express your unique style.

Moonlight Nightfall by Maywood Studio curated FQ Bundle by Fat Quarter Shop

These are the 'moonlit' cream tone-on-tone fabrics from the Nightfall collection by Maywood Studio.

Sands of Time

This pack contains fabrics selected from Andover, Art Gallery and Benartex. The 2022 fabric lines include: Duality Fusion, Color Weave, Bird Song, Promise Me, Star Spangled, Willow, Blue Escape, Nature Elements, A Return to Elegance, Misty Morning and Spectrastatic.

Try a low volume fabric club

If you run low on these quiet prints, there's an easy and convenient way to replenish your stash without leaving the house.

The Fat Quarter Shop takes all the hassle out of the search for low volume prints with their Low Volume Fabric club. This is especially helpful if you've bought out all the fat quarters from your local quilt shop. (Ask me how I know! :D )  Check out the club here.

A onetime membership fee is $0.99. Each month, 16 new FQs—that's four yards—are shipped to you. The current cost (December, 2022) is $48.98 plus $4.95 shipping in the US. (There are different shipping rates for Canada and International.) You can cancel at any time by contacting them.

This works out to $53.93 ($48.98 + $4.95) or $3.37/FQ delivered to your doorstep. (I didn't include the one time $0.99 in my calculations.)

I live in suburban Chicago, and am not seeing FQs that low anywhere around here unless they're on sale.

NOTE: For more on WHEN to buy FQs, check out my article 'What is a Fat Quarter? Is it a better deal than a 1/4 yard?'

What? You'd rather not have a subscription?

After shipping, any leftover bundles are added to the website for individual purchase. Sweet, eh? No subscription needed for that!

These packs are currently listed individually on their website.

This is my July 2022 pack from Fat Quarter Shop. A good start, isn't it!

My package from the Fat Quarter Shop Low Volume Fabrics club

Now you need the starring fabrics for your quilt

Now that your background needs are sorted, let's find some high contrasting prints or fully saturated solid fabrics to make your quilts spectacular.

Click here to browse through the fabrics from your favorite brands.

Revel in the designs of Andover Fabrics
Enjoy the luxury of the current Art Gallery Fabrics
Browse the newest designs from Dear Stella Fabrics
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Are you keen on Moda Fabrics. See the latest designs here
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Browse the latest collections from Robert Kaufman Fabrics here
Find creative fabrics currently available from Ruby Star Society
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Browse the latest fabrics from Wilmington Prints
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Take a look at the latest Batiks fabric, by the yard and precuts.
Browse all the subtle low volume fabric collections and curated bundles

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