Oh.My.Gourd. New 2023 Halloween Quilt Fabric is here!

57 Halloween collections to choose from!

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Updated: 9-10-23 

Scary Eyes image

(Cue: The Addams Family theme song...)

They're creepy and they're kooky.

Mysterious and spooky.

They're all together ooky.


NEW Halloween quilt fabric!

The de-FRIGHT-ful thing about Halloween quilt fabric...

...it's the only time when matching the decor in your house isn't a thing. 

Halloween Jack-O-Lantern

Seriously. It doesn't need to go with the couch!

It's Halloween, right?

Nothing but creepy, ghoulish, spine-tingling FUN!!!

And this year...

...the Fabric-Goddesses deliver.

You find something that NEEDS to be in your stash.
Now what?

You've strolled through these tempting Halloween quilt fabric collections, caressing them with your eyes and have found one (only one?) that must come live with you.

BUT. (There's always a 'but' in quilting isn't there?)

You don't have a pattern. No idea what to do with it.

Never fear. 

Fabric shopping should be exhilarating and effortless—not some guilt-producing exercise where you're left remorseful about your shiny, glow-in-the-dark purchase.

Shop with confidence because you know I won't leave you hanging with no ideas.

Under each fabric line, you'll see links to my affiliates—those colored buttons—where you can make a purchase if you're sew inclined. (Read more about what an affiliate is here.)

Underneath the colored buttons, you'll see large thumbnails that lead to some or all of the following: 

  • Fabric panels. These are frequently omitted from precut packages. If you need a quilt on the double, fabric panels a quick way to whip up a to-be-gifted quilt in a jiffy. 
  • Free patterns. Manufacturers want you to buy their fabric. (Duh!—right???)  What better enticement than good-looking, no-cost patterns. Pretty smart, eh? 
  • Commercial Halloween quilt patterns, specifically with a cover quilt made from the line you're looking at. It's nice to see how the fabric works up for real. Makes us better quilty-consumers. And if the design makes the cut, you've got the opportunity to buy right at your fingertips.
  • Kits. It's a beautiful thing when you see EXACTLY the quilt you want to make AND can order all the fabric in one fell swoop. Dodge wasting your time to enter each fabric and its yardage individually, or worse yet, having to travel to multiple stores to find all the SKUs you need. Been there. Done that. Bought the t-shirt. No fun.

Inspiration comes in all kinds of forms (even ghostly ones!). 

May these extra goodies help you decide between so many BOO-ti-ful Halloween quilt fabric choices!

NOTE: All kits include the pattern and fabric for the top and binding unless otherwise noted.

Andover Fabrics

Click here for the latest quilt fabrics from Andover.

Mystery Manor by Andover

Eek! Mystery Manor is a fabric collection that's sure to send shivers up your spine.

This spooky selection lends a supernatural feeling to all of your Halloween projects, with bats, crows, owls, and spiders lurking among the fabrics in traditional shades of black, gray, and purple.

If you're bold, add these fabrics to your stash. 

I dare you!

Witchypoo by Renee Nanneman

Greet the Halloween night with your trusty companion, Witchypoo. Renee Nanneman's magical collection supplies all the usual suspects of fun Halloween prints. Have a blast making quilts full of crescent moons, creepy eyes, cobwebs, black cats, bats, and dots. 

Traditional Halloween colors abound in this collection, sew get ready for some spooky stitching fun.

Hootenanny by Renee Nanneman

Add some seasonal flair with these 28 fabrics of dots, stripes and simple motifs with the Ol' Man in the Moon watching over all.

Classic colors.

Fat Quarter Shop

Andover offers the free pattern, Hootenanny Jamboree, finishing at 69" x 83½" to showcase the 'Hootenanny' collection.

Midnight Magic by Renee Nanneman

Take a deep breath and let the darkness surround you.

With these fabrics, you can create an otherworldly quilt that is as enchanting as it is mysterious. Mix and match the different prints or stick to a coordinating palette—this fabric collection is perfect for creating a look that is both unique and timeless.

So let your imagination run wild and see where the night takes you.

Prints from the Midnight collection are used in the designs below.

Art Gallery Fabrics

Spooky 'n Witchy by AGF Studio - NEW 2023

Don't dally, dear quilter, for the witching hour is nearly upon us! Embrace the spirit of the season and let your creativity run wild with the Spooky 'n Witchy fabric collection by AGF Studio and Art Gallery Fabrics. Gather your potions, dust off your spell books, and prepare to embark on an enchanting quilting adventure like no other!

Let these prints bewitch your senses with their intricate details, rich colors, and sumptuous textures.

Will you be able to resist the allure of these hauntingly beautiful fabrics, or will you succumb to the temptation of adding them to your spooktacular stash?

Sweet N' Spookier by AGF Studio

Step into a world of spellbinding Halloween fabrics with Sweet 'n Spookier from AGF Studio.

Filled with the traditional colors of the holiday, black, orange, and purple, there's a generous portion of surprising pinks—sure to inspire creativity.

As always, Art Gallery Fabrics provides top-quality 100% cotton prints that are perfect for quilting, garments, and all sorts of Halloween crafts.

Add some Wicked Blooms and Liquid Magic to your quilts. Or try your hand at casting a Spell. Whatever you create, it's Happy Haunting with Sweet 'n Spookier.

Spooky n' Sweeter by AGF Studio (from 2021)

Fat Quarter Shop

Peppermint, the witch, is at is again with her capricious ghoul-friends on another adventure on All Hallow's Eve.

This is the follow-up line to the original 'Spooky n' Sweet' line from last year.

Tiny Frights - NEW 2023

Put your best fright forward with Tiny Frights' ghoulishly cute prints. Zombies, jack-o-lanterns and ghosts - oh my! Stitch up some spooky fun with creepy motifs that are kooky, not creepy.

The best part?

These fabrics glow when the lights go out, so your quilts will keep their eerie glow long after trick or treating is done.

Embrace your inner Frankenstein and whip up a monster mash of a quilt. Tiny Frights has everything you need for Halloween sewing that's fang-tastically delightful. 👻🎃💀

Banyan Batiks

Midnight Magic by Patrick Lose - New 2023

Midnight Magic's versatile design will empower you to weave your own tale of intrigue and enchantment as you create cozy quilts or stunning wall hangings.

So, why not bring the spellbinding allure of a Halloween night spent under an inky sky to your craft room?

Stitch by stitch, share your love for the supernatural as we make every cut a frightfully delightful escapade. Unleash your creativity, and let Midnight Magic spark a quilting adventure you won't soon forget.

Apothecary by Tiffany Hayes

Now this is something you don't usually see—Halloween Boo-tiks—what a spooktacular idea! :)

With spooky ephemera and spider webs ebbing and flowing throughout, these fabrics will fill your patchwork with chills and thrills. Featuring vintage text, and otherworldly designs, and a paisley print that's to die for, this collection by Tiffany Hayes is a must-have for your Halloween sewing.

Get ready to be spellbound by Apothecary.

Blank Quilting

Deja Boo! by Satin Moon Designs

When you see the Deja Boo! fabric collection from Satin Moon Designs, you know it's time to get ready for Halloween. 

This spooky fabric line is full of classic designs and eerie elements that will make your favorite Halloween projects even more special. With prints of spiders, skeletons, ravens, and roses, this fabric line will help you stitch up unique quilts, wall hangings, and more. 

Let your imagination run wild and get ready to create some truly haunting projects this Halloween with Deja Boo!

Camelot Cotton

Character Halloween II

It's a romp with these frightfully delightful, fun-making characters included from Disney, DC Comics and Harry Potter.

Throw in a few extra Halloween spirits and you're good to sew!

NOTE: This is licensed fabric and not intended for commercial use. 


All Hallows Eve by Sue Zipkin - NEW 2023

Prepare to be spellbound by the curious black cats scuttling across the fabric, the bright crescent moons and twinkling stars casting an eerie glow on your handiwork.

Let your needle be your magic wand, bringing to life the captivating bone-chillingly beautiful quilts from the web of your imagination. Embrace the bewitchingly versatile range of prints and patterns to satisfy both novice and veteran quilters alike.

It's no trick – with All Hallows Eve, you'll find yourself stitched into an enchanting Halloween hex, crafting pieces that haunt and thrill like the sound of playful whispers on a chilling October night.

Orange you excited to give 'em pumpkin to talk about with this stunning collection?

FreeSpirit Fabrics

Déjà Vu Nightshade by Tula Pink - NEW 2023

Get ready for a hauntingly good time with Déjà Vu Nightshade.

This reinvented edition of Tula's iconic witchy fabric collection will cast a spell of nostalgia over longtime fans. And newcomers are sure to fall under its bewitching charm!

Prints combine botanical spookiness with nods to potion-making and spell-casting, all in Tula's signature moody color palette. Mix in her foiled polka dot lures for an eerie glow.

So grab your witch's hat, prep the cauldron cookies, and thread up for some quilting sorcery! Déjà Vu Nightshade will inspire hair-raising creativity just in time for Halloween. The spirits of the season await!

Don't you just love it when a designer and brand support their latest creations with a slew of free patterns? I do!

Eclectic Elements Gothic by Tim Holtz - NEW 2023 

Step into the realm of mystery and enchantment with Gothic, a bewitching collection that embodies the soul of Halloween and conjures up the netherworld.

Stunning shades of charcoal, hickory, granite, obsidian, nightfall, and smoldering grays paint the canvas of your imagination with moody, dark, and mysterious hues. The intricate design patterns, inspired by neutrals, retro, and vintage styles, interweave each breathtaking color, deftly weaving them together to create an enchanting harmony of tones that captivates the soul of every quilter.

Storybook Halloween by Rachel Hauer - NEW 2023

Are you ready to embrace the eerie allure of Halloween and weave some magic into your quilting projects? Storybook Halloween is brimming with hauntingly beautiful designs that will cast a spell on you. From the mischievous bats soaring through the night sky to the friendly ghosts ready to share their spectral secrets, this collection is sure to captivate your imagination.

But wait, there's more!

What's a Halloween tale without a few bewitching felines? Our spell-casting cats are here to charm you with their mystical prowess and hypnotic eyes. And don't forget the ominous potions that promise to brew up some wicked fun in your quilting creations.

Dare to delve deeper into the fantastical realm of Storybook Halloween.

Spell Bound** by Maude Asbury

Beware, quilters!

Enter if you dare into a world of Maude Asbury's Spell Bound fabrics. If you're looking for a spook-tacular Halloween fabric collection, STOP! This is the one for you.

With black cats, snakes, Ouija boards, and ghosts for starters, this collection has it all to raise the hair on the back of your neck.

Don't be afraid of the dark, step into Spell Bound and let your creativity run wild!

**Some of these fabrics are glow in the dark.

Regions Beyond by Tim Holtz

Fat Quarter Shop

Dare to be spooky with this collection of unique oddities. 

Antique ads for chloroform, muriatic acid, poisons and glycerin will unsettle, along with the spider webs, black cats, drooping flowers, skulls and skeletons— all for those nights when you just want to get strange.

Check out "Mr. Skellington", Free Spirit's free, download.

Henry Glass Fabrics

Haunted Village by Color Principle


Create a haunted masterpiece with this eerie fabric collection from Henry Glass. Featuring spooky silhouettes of crows, jack-o-lanterns, and haunted houses, these fabrics are perfect for adding a touch of Halloween to your quilts.

With eerie colors and geometric patterns, you'll create a haunting masterpiece in no time.

Take a look at that Quilt #2 pattern below. The stripe is doing almost all of the heavy lifting in that quilt...a quick one to make if you need a quick quilt!

Olde Salem's Black Hat Society by Shelly Comiskey

Join Salem's oldest club, the Black Hat Society, and proclaim your sisterhood with the latest from Shelly Comiskey. It's for all the quilters who love Halloween, and what's not to love?

The Jack-O-Lanterns, spiderwebs, sheeted ghosts, tantalizing text, witches, and black cats all come to life at night when they literally glow in the dark.

Don't be shy. Let your inner witch shine...er...glow...and enjoy some spooky fun!

Hoffman Fabrics

Boo! by Hoffman Fabrics

Halloween is coming, and Boo! by Hoffman Fabrics has everything you need to get in the spirit. This collection of orange, purple, and gray fabric is full of spooky fun, with spider webs, black cats, bats, and Jack-O-Lanterns. It's perfect for quilts and projects that your whole family will enjoy.

So don't be scared—get Boo! by Hoffman Fabrics today.

Lewis & Irene Fabrics

Cast a Spell - NEW 2023

The color palette of this collection conjures up visions of midnight skies, shadowy forests, and flickering candlelight. The deep, rich hues of purple, emerald green, and jet black are intertwined with splashes of vibrant orange and shimmering gold, creating an irresistible dance of darkness and light.

Can't you just picture how these magical fabrics will come together in a quilt that tells a hauntingly beautiful tale?

The Cast a Spell collection is truly a treasure trove of inspiration for those with a penchant for the supernatural and a love for all things Halloween.

Haunted House by Lewis & Irene

Get a jump on the Halloween spirit with the Haunted House fabric collection from Lewis & Irene. With prints of black cats, bats, Jack-o-Lanterns, and spiders, this collection is sure to spook you in the best way possible. 

Add the perfect touch of creepiness to your holiday celebration. And because they glow in the dark, your projects will be extra spooky!

Owl-O-Ween by Urban Chiks - NEW 2023

Owl-O-Ween fabric collection by Urban Chiks is a whimsical and nostalgic tribute to the most frightfully fun time of the year. These vintage-feeling fabrics will send shivers of delight down your spine, tempting you to embark on a thrilling creative piecing session.

It's a moonlit night, where plump pumpkins grin wickedly, creepy spiders weave their webs, and adorable owls hoot softly in the shadows. From sweet treats to vintage-inspired motifs, every fabric tells a bewitching tale.

You'll have a skele-TON of fun, stitching up something for this Spooktoberfest.

Spellbound by Sweetfire Road - NEW 2023

From hauntingly charming pumpkins to mystical crescent moons, every inch of Spellbound by Sweetfire Road is designed to stir your creative cauldron. Can you resist the allure of mischievous black cats and whimsical witchy hats?

We think not!

Your imagination will soar on the wings of bats as you add an otherworldly charm to your spook-tacular stitched spectacle.

After all, who wouldn't want a touch of sorcery in their sewing room?

Late October by Sweetwater

Looking for fabrics that don't scream Halloween?

If a subtle, muted palette is more your cup of tea, then Late October by Sweetwater should tickle your fancy.

This collection features classic patterns like dots, paisleys, plaids, and geometrics, with a Halloween twist.

Ideal if you're not quite sure yet if you'll be making a Halloween quilt or an Autumn Quilt this year.

Ghostly Greetings by Deb Strain

Tibia honest, I don't think you'll find a more spine-tingling, hair-raising fabric collection than Ghostly Greetings by Deb Strain for Moda Fabrics.

It's got everything you need to make your Halloween quilt come alive—black cats, bats, spiders, skulls, pumpkins, owls, and crows in classic Halloween colors.

If you're looking to add a little extra fright to your night, look no further than this ghoulishly good collection.

PS, If you're a fan of cursive writing on fabrics for backgrounds, there's a nice one here in four colors: cream, orange, gray, and black. Sweet!

Kitty Corn by Urban Chiks

Fat Quarter Shop

Revel in the spirit of the holiday. Bright candy corn, Jack-o-lanterns, mischievous black cats, moon and star motifs and geometics create for charming Halloween patchwork in subdued colors.

Have a look at these designs, kits and even a GIGANTIC fabric panel to get you into a playful mood for your next quilting session.

Midnight Magic II by April Rosenthal

Fat Quarter Shop

Midnight Magic 2 captures the essence of the Halloween spirit. A bewitching assortment of witch's cats, candy corn, phases of the moon, skeletons and—yes—even FLORALS, this collection is sure to put you in a chill mood for quilting.

Pumpkins & Blossoms by Fig Tree Quilts


The Pumpkins & Blossoms fabric collection by Fig Tree Quilts is made up of beautiful autumn flowers and soft hues of orange, green, cream, and taupe with a few dark prints to balance it all out.

This gorgeous cotton quilting weight fabric is elegant, beautiful and ready to make your masterpiece come to life!

Fig Tree has done it again!

For inspiration, consider these patterns and kits:

Too Cute to Spook by Me & My Sister

If 'adorkable' Halloween is more your style than creepy-ghoulish, then Too Cute To Spook from Me & My Sister for Moda Fabrics is just what you're looking for.

Covered in smiling jack-o-lanterns, cute bats, playful stripes and spider webs, the motifs have a bright and cheerful feel. Whether you're making a quilt, table runner, or some other project, Too Cute To Spook is the perfect choice for a festive and fun-filled Halloween.

No spooks allowed.

Northcott Fabrics

This section includes FIGO Fabrics and Patrick Lose, all under the Northcott umbrella of companies.

Frightful by Patrick Lose - NEW 2023

Featuring a frightful assortment of creepy crawlers, sinister skulls, and soaring bats, these wickedly wonderful prints will haunt your dreams with their vibrant Halloween hues. Let the rich oranges, deep blacks, and ghostly whites send a chill up your quilting needles as you weave together a twisted tapestry of terror.

But beware, these designs may just put you under a spell, making it impossible to resist their allure!

Beggars' Night Buddies by Patrick Lose

Full of hi jinks and mischievous shenanigans, this Halloween fabric collection by Patrick Lose for Northcott Fabrics is sure to add a devilish spirit to your next quilting project! With its playful Jack-O-Lanterns and spirited ghosts, this line is perfect for creating fun and rollicking quilts that will get everyone in the Halloween mood.

So don't be a scaredy-cat, be a brave lion. Add this collection to your fabric stash today and turn up the volume on your next Halloween quilt!

Black Cat Capers by Andrea Tachiera

Black Cat Capers is the perfect fabric collection for anyone looking to add a little spooky charm to their Halloween projects.

It's positively de-fright-ful!

This black feline will definitely bring you GOOD LUCK when it crosses your path.

Ghoultide Gathering by Patrick Lose

Fat Quarter Shop

Patrick delivers ghoulish fun in his inimitable style. Frolicking creatures of the night scamper through the graveyard making all kinds of mischief.

Aren't those skeletons are to die for! ;)

Riley Blake Designs

Queen of We'en by J. Wecker Frisch - NEW 2023

Prepare to be bewitched as you explore the eerie yet captivating patterns of Queen of We'en, sprouted fresh from the fertile imagination of J Wecker Frisch.

Featuring a ghostly mix of sinister cats, grinning jack-o'-lanterns, and other chilling motifs, it will send shivers down your spine, weaving a web of intrigue with its ghoulish color palette of midnight black, ghastly gray, and wicked orange.

Envision the fang-tastic Halloween quilts and decor you could create with these boo-tiful fabrics – perhaps a quilt that tells a hair-raising tale or one that showcases your love for all things mysterious and macabre.

Cast YOUR spell and conjure up a wickedly delightful patchwork project.

Fright Delight by Lindsay Wilkes - NEW 2023

Lindsay Wilkes has outdone herself with Fright Delight, offering a unique twist to the typical Halloween fabrics. The retro-inspired designs are filled with nostalgia and charm, sending you on a trip down memory lane while allowing for endless creativity. Each fabric in this collection tells a story, stirring up emotions of delight and amusement.

You'll find spooky ghosts, jack-o-lanterns, and wicked witches in a colorful palette that's sure to dazzle. Dive into the realm of the curious cats and brilliant moons, adding a touch of whimsy to your quilt creations.

Whether you're seeking to expand your fabric stash, or create a new quilt, this collection is just what you need. Fright Delight will have you falling head over heels in love with the magic of Halloween all over agains.

Haunted Adventure by Beverly McCullough - NEW 2023

Beverly McCullough's signature artistry comes alive in this bewitching assortment of fabrics, with each piece meticulously crafted to capture the spirit of Halloween.

Rich, vibrant colors blend harmoniously with subtle shades of twilight, creating a visual symphony that will leave you spellbound.

Can you resist the allure of these captivating designs?

Below are patterns with cover quilts made from these fabrics:

Hey Bootiful by My Mind's Eye - NEW 2023

Get ready to add some spooktacular charm to your quilting creations with Hey Bootiful—the latest Halloween-inspired fabric collection by My Mind's Eye for Riley Blake Designs.

'A must-have for any quilter who loves to add a touch of eerie enchantment to their projects. The Hey Bootiful fabric line features a bewitching mix of prints, from spooky spiders to whimsical witches' hats, that will have you feeling positively haunted by your creativity.

But the magic doesn't stop there! Hey Bootiful also boasts two glow-in-the-dark panels for adding an extra touch of ghostly fun to your Halloween projects.

Frankenstein your quilting and bring your Halloween-inspired creations to life.

Add a touch of haunted magic to your next quilting project.

Celebrate with Hershey by RBD Designers

Come one, come all to celebrate Halloween with this enchanting fabric collection from Hershey and Riley Blake! With ghosts, goblins, and candy galore, this line is one you can sink your teeth into for all of your spook-tacular projects.

Watch as spiders weave their webs, pumpkins light up the night sky, and bats take to the air all while you enjoy the company of Hershey's chocolate bars, Reese's peanut butter-filled ghosts, and Hershey's Chocolate Kisses.

All that's missing is you!

Halloween Whimsy by Teresa Kogut

With Halloween Whimsy by Teresa Kogut, you can add some spooky fun to your autumnal designs.

Featuring cheerful pumpkins, mischievous witches, and playful black cats, this collection is perfect for adding a touch of whimsy to your Halloween decor. Whether you're making quilts, table runners, or custom Halloween costumes, you'll find all the prints and patterns you need in this collection from Teresa. 

So why wait?

Start creating with Halloween Whimsy today.

Mad Masquerade by J Wecker Frisch

Come and join J. Wecker Frisch on a spook-tacular journey into her haunted imagination. 

This Halloween fabric collection is full of text from Alice's trips to Wonderland, Cheshire cats, Tweedles, Hookah-smoking caterpillars, tardy rabbits, and the Mad Hatter. 

A delightfully eclectic addition to your Halloween stash!

If you've been a lover of her previous Halloween collections, these fabrics with coordinate with them nicely.

Old Made by J. Wecker Frisch

Fat Quarter Shop

J. Wecker Frisch does it again in this follow-up up to her 'Mother Goose' line from 2020.

Old Made features vintage-inspired prints with a crafty old witch—all with a twisted take on our favorite sewing accoutrements.

Snaps, and zippers and pin cushions.

Oh My!

Spooky Hollow by Melissa Mortenson

Wrap yourself in the Halloween spirit with Spooky Hollow. This fabric collection features orange, teal, and purple vignettes and motifs as the Harvest moon rises to cast its pale glow over Trick-or-Treaters. Glow-in-the-dark eyes of the night watch on as black cats cavort grey and winged bats somersault through the air, headstones materialize in the pumpkin patch.

Will you dare venture out?

Robert Kaufman Fabrics

Palette Picks - Halloween by RK Studio

An orange, black, and gray sampler of fat quarters from Robert Kaufman. 

Trick or treat yourself!

Ruby Star Society

Spooky Darlings by Alexia Abegg, Kimberly Kight, Melody Miller, Rashida Coleman-Hale, Sarah Watts

Spooky Darlings by the Ruby Star Society is a collection of quilt fabrics that perfectly capture the magic of Halloween. The vibrant colors and whimsical designs are perfect for creating quilts that are both stylish and spooky. Whether you're looking to create a cozy autumnal quilt or a haunting masterpiece, these fabrics will help you bring your vision to life.

Studio E Fabrics

Spooky Night by Grace Pop


Don't forget da-mask for Halloween—or should I say the 'damask'?

All the usual suspects are gathered in this moody line colored in hues of deep blue, black, gray and orange! A damask print theme runs through the candy corn, pumpkins. It even keeps the spiders and skeletons company.

Timeless Treasures

2023 Wicked - NEW 2023

Sink your teeth into this unearthly collection, which boasts an artful fusion of grayscale hues with bursts of eerie Halloween orange. Its harmonious palette creates a captivating backdrop for your hair-raising designs which showcase the charmingly sinister silhouettes of skeletons, mummies, and vampire chompers.

As you stitch together this spellbinding fabric, watch it come to life, manifesting a modern twist on the bygone beauty of the macabre. Its intricate patterns will unveil an endless array of haunting possibilities, allowing you to courageously embark on a thrilling adventure of bewitched quilting.


This is a continuation of the previous Wicked Eve collection.

I don't know about you, but I always have trouble coming up with new Halloween ideas. 

Every year it seems like the same old thing—pumpkins, spiders, and witches. Boring!

This year, try something different with Wicked. With a black, white, and gray color palette, this spooky collection is the perfect way to add a touch of eeriness and intrigue to your next Halloween project. From skulls and skeletons to sinister eyes and menacing beasts, there's something for every haunted home in this wickedly wonderful fabric collection.

Wicked Eve


The horror!

This black, white and grayscale collection  brings you a spooky selection perfect for the season.

From witches to ghosts, owls, and wolves, these fabrics will have your next project quivering in its boots!

Wilmington Prints

Essentials Happy Haunting - NEW 2023

Indulge your inner witch or wizard, and add this enthralling fabric line to your quilting cauldron.

Watch as your stitches take flight on a broomstick of vibrant colors and unmatched quality—casting a spell of delight on everyone who beholds your bewitching quilts.

Gnome-Ster Mash by Jennifer Pugh

Our good ol' Gnome buddies take on the Addams family. All the usual suspects here, creepy bats, and Jack-o-Lanterns, and haunted houses all done up like Gnome-buddies business. 

Ghoulish good fun!


Scaredy Cats by Terri Degenkolb - NEW 2023

Scaredy Cats sets the stage for mesmerizing quilting masterpieces and opens doors to a realm of endless creative possibilities. Let these prints ignite your imagination and transport you to a world of nostalgic warmth, celebrating the powerful bond between a quilter and their creations.

Gather your courage and embrace the supernatural allure of Scaredy Cats—a modern twist on timeless beauty that will leave you eager to conjure your very own enchanted heirloom.

More seasonal fabrics

A Christmas present wrapped in a red box with a green bow

Now that you've got your Halloween quilts covered—pun intentional ;)—you know what's coming next. And the fabric and patterns are available now.

Use the buttons below to find the fabrics and patterns you desire.

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