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Updated: 6-26-22—Added Tiny Beasts and True Colors Tiny Coordinates by Tula Pink, and Laurelwood by Brenda Walton

Let's just call Free Spirit fabrics what they are...


It's all color all the time. How could it be any different with artists like Tula Pink, Kaffe Fassett, and Anna Marie Horner at the drawing board.

These denizens of creativity never met a pattern they didn't want to explore. Or for that matter a texture they didn't want to reimagine.

To be brutally frank, if your eye needs a place to rest, paint your walls white. There is no other option.

Free Spirit designers find inspiration in the vivacious fun of quilting. With an international team, the world is their oyster. Their fabric designs reflect that diversity and expressiveness. 

Free Spirit believes in providing quality fabrics to those who seek inspiration.

Why not add some Free Spirit fabrics to your quilting stash?

Free your mind and the rest will follow.

Holiday and Seasonal Fabrics

To keep things easy, seasonal and holiday fabrics are found by clicking the appropriate button below.

One click takes you straight to the Free Spirit offerings in that group. While you're there, browse what the other brands have for you. You never know what you'll find!

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Collections from Free Spirit Fabrics

For your convenience, the fabrics are in alphabetical order for your convenience.

Be sure to bookmark this page to keep up with the latest arrivals.

About'll notice I don't have the Kaffe Fassett Collective listed below...


Kaffe gets a page all by himself, and it's in the works, I expect to have it done some time in May.

Remember to bookmark this page to keep up with all the new fabrics arriving in quilt shops

Free Spirit collections are in alphabetical order by collection name.

If I've found any free/complimentary patterns from Free Spirit or paid patterns that show quilts made from the fabric line, you find them below the collections for  inspiration. 

All the images are clickable and take you to the complimentary downloads or places to purchase the commercial patterns and fabrics.

Remember to bookmark this page to keep up on the latest from Free Spirit. A collection posts to this page as it arrives in stores.

It's time to kick back and dream about the quilts you make inspired by Free Spirit Fabrics.

Abandoned by Tim Holtz

The Abandoned collection is made up of rust, cracked paint, and patina-inspired designs perfect for creating unique visual artistry.

Yummy textures just waiting for your next masterpiece.

Alchemy by Tim Holtz

Sometimes, we take for granted how much beauty there is in our lives.

As you gaze at the Alchemy fabrics by Tim Holtz, pay attention to how your mind's eye undergoes an alchemic transformation as you experience this colorful set unleashed from the inner recesses of the mind of Tim Holtz. Like undulating crystals in a group of psychedelic bliss melting from one shade to the next across a spectrum of possibility, but these are just fabrics with colors on them.

What does it all mean?

We'll never know exactly what Tim meant when he created these designs, but something about it makes us feel alive.

Bright Eyes by Anna Maria Horner

This collection is full of all the buoyant life colors that will make you feel like you're inside the middle of a Mardi Gras parade or like you're looking at an eye-teaser.

With this collection, you'll be able to create quilts with vibrant prints in shades of purple, red magenta, teal, and gold.

If you want to create striking quilts, then 'Bright Eyes' will see you through!

A Celebration of Sanderson by Sanderson

The history of Sanderson spans more than 150 years. In that time, they have perfected the art of classic, yet vibrant soft furnishing. The patterns are hand-drawn and the colors easy to live with, making their collections perfect for family homes that want a touch of elegance.

Now you can find their inspiration for your quilts.

Flourish and grow with this collection of enchanting floral prints. Featuring beautiful blooms, stunning patterns and a sublime color palette, this fabric range celebrates the iconic work of Sanderson. Whether used for dressmaking, home decor or quilting, these fabrics will surely bring joy and life to any project.

Breathe the lusciousness in deeply and let yourself be swept away by the magic of Sanderson.

Why not start with one of the complimentary downloadable patterns below from Free Spirit Fabrics.

Curiouser & Curiouser by Tula Pink

Who doesn't love a good story? 

Everyone loves the whimsical characters of Alice in Wonderland, but how do you bring them to life in your quilts? 

We've got just the thing for you!

Curiouser & Curiouser is filled with characters from this classic tale. Whether it's Alice, or her cat Dinah, or even the Queen of Hearts herself, there are all sorts of fun prints that will put a smile on your face.

Pair these vibrant fabrics with Tula Pink Designer Essentials and create something truly unique!

Daydreamer by Tula Pink for Free Spirit Fabrics

You don't need to venture far to find the wonder that the Daydreamer fabric collection brings. Just look outside your window!

Follow the trail of a butterfly as it flits and flutters its way through a rainforest to a land filled with jaguars, macaws, flamingos, and rainbows. Hungry from your travels? Snack on the exotic fruits you'll find along the path.

Enjoy the adventure into Tula's mind's eye.

You'll also find 108" yardage for backing in three colors: guava, lagoon and pineapple.

The collection includes an interesting ombre print called Little Fluffy Clouds. You'll find that yardage here.

Designer Essential Solids

Free Spirit's Designer Essential Solids are a great way to add some brightness to your quilting.

With color inspo from designers like Tim Holtz, Tula Pink, and Kaffe Fassett, these solids are perfect for any project.

Click any of these buttons to browse all the colors available to you in this line.

Eclectic Elements 108" Wide Backing by Tim Holtz

You make a spectacular quilt, you need a spectacular back, right?

Your work deserves only the best. And this is just outrageously stunning. And enough pattern to hide any tie-offs or bobbles in the quilting, too.


Farm Friends by Mia Charro

Introducing Farm Friends by Mia Charro for FreeSpirit Fabrics. Use these cheerful colors and lovely designs of pastoral animals to brighten up your sewing projects. 

These fabrics feature whimsical pigs, goats, sheep, chickens, and cows. They're perfect for quilters who want to add a touch of down-home, springtime whimsy to their creations.

Forest Floor by Rachel Hauer for Free Spirit Fabrics

Do you love to spend your time in the forest? Forest Floor by Rachel Hauer brings the forest indoors.

It is full of the colors and motifs from the great outdoors in both loud and subtle textures.

Backgrounds include gray, teal, yellow, forest green, and reds with all sorts of flora and fauna gazing out at you--from acorns and mushrooms to the wise busts of bears and foxes, with a few scheming raccoons thrown in for good measure.

Just Kitten Around by Monika Forsberg

Bring home the adorable kitties of Just Kitten Around! 

This charming collection by Monika Forsberg is full of playful prints in sweet seasonal shades. Whether you're looking to add some fun feline flair to your next quilt project or simply want to snuggle up with some kitty fabric, these fabrics are sure to please. So make like a cat and curl up with some Just Kitten Around today.

Laurelwood by Brenda Walton

Laurelwood by Brenda Walton is a beautiful collection that celebrates the peace and tranquility of nature.

Brimming with delicate florals, pretty birds, and other charming details, you'll fill your quilting time with serenity and joy in every stitch.

IDEA: This super-simple pattern that Free Spirit has put out with this collection would be an excellent way to use up scraps to make a pieced backing.

What do you think?

Linework by Tula Pink

Tula's fabric collection, Linework, is a MUST-HAVE for any modern quilter!

Featuring black and white prints of animals like zebras, pandas, lemurs and peacocks, this fabric collection is sure to add personality and pizzazz to your quilts.

The subtle ombre background colors on each print are beautiful and eye-catching, while the black and white versions of some of the True Colors prints are perfect for adding depth and dimension.

You'll find several free quilt patterns on the Free Spirit website to use with Linework.

Love Always by Anna Maria

Reminiscent of the Kaffe Collective or Tula Pink collections, this line by Anna Maria is an explosion of color in a summertime garden.

Who needs a place for the eye to rest when there's so much to explore.

Joyously delightful!

Made My Day by Anna Maria for Free Spirit Fabrics

Flowers can make any day special. Whether you're receiving a bouquet delivered by the florist or you're picking them yourself, they always make you feel good.

That's why I love Free Spirit Fabrics' newest Anna Maria fabric line: Made My Day.

She takes her inspiration from all things floral. The fabrics are lush, bright, and deep, and they represent precious moments in time and of kindnesses bestowed.

If you're looking for a fabric line that makes you feel happy, Made My Day is definitely ‘made’ for you.

Monochrome by Tim Holtz

Tim Holtz's Eclectic Elements Monochrome collection for Free Spirit Fabrics presents a range of beautifully muted tones, perfect for adding a touch of vintage elegance to your projects.

From light tan hues of parchment and linen to deep charcoal and gray tones, this collection offers a variety of versatile options for your next project.

So whether you're looking for a hardwood floor print or something with a touch of starry whimsy, there's something here for every quilter.

Provisions by Tim Holtz

Timeless and unique, this fabric blend provides an appealing range of colors and textures for your next project.

Whether you're looking for soft, subtle backgrounds or something with more character, this mix has you covered.

With shades of brown, blue, yellow, green, red, and black, it's easy to find the perfect fit for your vision.

Snowy Day Flannel by Pen2Paper

We all know that winter is the coldest time of year, but it’s also one of the most fun!

You can snuggle up in front of a fireplace with your loved ones and drink hot cocoa while watching movies. But how do you stay warm during these chilly nights?

Make yourself some patchwork from Free Spirit’s Snowy Day flannel fabric collection. This cozy flannel will keep you warm on those long winter nights, and it looks great too! The colors are fresh and vibrant. 

Maybe these free patterns will inspire you!

Tiny Beasts by Tula Pink

The Tiny Beasts fabric collection by Tula Pink is a playful, imaginative take on the animals you might find in your backyard and beyond. Using a rich rainbow of bright colors, Tula has packed this collection with oodles of texture and movement to make your next quilt a feast for the eyes.

Whether you're looking to add a splash of color to your home decor or create a one-of-a-kind quilt, this fabric collection will put a smile on your face.

True Colors Tiny Coordinates by Tula Pink

Stripes and dots, all perfectly colored to coordinate with the fabrics in True Colors and Tula's latest, Tiny Beasts.

If you purchase True Colors and loved it, then it's a no-brainer. This group deserves a place in your fabric stash. You'll turn to it over and over again. Promise!

True Colors by Tula Pink

This fun, modern fabric collection features basic design motifs in Tula's core colors.

A rainbow of color, these fabrics will enhance the other Tula fabrics in your stash. Love her for this!

This is a must-have for any Tula fan—AND anyone who wants to dip their toes into the Tula-Verse.

There is another free quilt pattern download from Free Spirit to inspire you with these True Colors.

You'll find the download for 'Woven Radiance', a 77" x 95" finished quilt, here.

Wanderlust by Maude Asbury

Hit the road with Wanderlust by Maude Asbury.

This spirited fabric collection features beautiful prints of hot air balloons, retro campers, and sailboats against dreamy backgrounds of rainbow stripes and star-filled skies. Whether you're looking for a way to spice up your comfort zone or simply longing for an escape, Wanderlust is here to inspire you. 

So let your imagination run wild and quilt something magical today.

Worn Croc by Tim Holtz

Wouldn't this make the BEST accent fabric on a tote bag or purse?


This bundle of highly textured fabric prints is perfect for adding a touch of crocodile-themed style to your next patchwork project.

The vibrant green, teal, purple, black and brown colors will make a bold statement in any design.

Whether used as a background fabric for other daring prints, or combined on their own, you’re sure to love the results.

Which Free Spirit collections will find a home in your stash?

What could be more color-rific than an explosion of bright colors and bold designs from Free Spirit Fabrics?

From Tula Pink to Anna Marie Horner, Free Spirit designers are all about exploring new patterns. It's all about fun, vivaciously expressing yourself through quilting!

You love color. You love vibrancy. You love expression. 

Add FreeSpirit Fabrics to your quilting stash.

Open the door to your creativity!

"No More Quilt Fabric!" said no Quilter EVER!

Not ready to stop ogling the fabrics? 

Me neither!

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