Louisiana Quilt Block, Part 3

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Almost done!

All that's left is to join the two halves of our Louisiana quilt block.

It doesn't matter how you constructed the block up to this point, the rest is the same regardless! 

Step 3: Assemble your Louisiana quilt block

We're using the patches made in the paper piecing tutorial. The fabrics are different, but the patches are the same and SA are pressed the same way.

Arrange the two halves so they form a pinwheel in the center of our Louisiana block.

I pin to get a good match in the center. The seams do nest so that helps, too.

Click here to brush up on your pinning technique for perfect points.

PinningUse pins if they help you get a good match on your pinwheel.

The center and the edges are all you need to worry about matching.

Stitch with a quarter inch SA.

Give your Louisiana quilt block a final pressing.

After joining the two halves togetherOur finished Louisiana block

Below is a view of the backside. You can see how trimming as we go makes for a nice, neat block.

Paper pieced block from the backside

I pressed the last SA to one side...you could just as easily twirl or fan the SA to distribute the bulk a bit more in the center. Your choice!

Below is the finished traditionally pieced block...

Finished, traditionally pieced Louisiana quilt blockOur finished traditionally pieced Louisiana quilt block.

...and from the backside you can see the twirled seam allowance (red circle).

Louisana quilt block from the backside with a twirled or fanned center seamTwirling or fanning the SA in the center reduces bulk...very helpful if you're planning on quilting through the center.

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Paper Piecing Pattern for finished block size:

Cutting Charts

Coloring Page to use for fabric auditioning/placement or for your 'Quilter-In-Training' to color while you stitch.


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