38 Best Free & Easy Flannel Quilt Patterns to Download & Make

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Updated: 5-15-24

Grab your favorite flannel fabric and a sewing machine!

We've rounded up more than 30 of the best free & easy flannel quilt patterns to download and make.

Whether you're looking for something quick, or want to spend more time on it, we have something for everyone.

And best of all?

They’re all free and all right here in one place!

What do we mean by 'easy'?

All the quilt patterns shared on this page are made from rectangles or squares—no triangles or odd shapes.

No bias edges to contend with. If you see a half square triangle in the design, it was made with the folded corners technique. (There's only one exception to this, but the HSTs are huge...and easy.)


No triangles were harmed in the making of these quilts.

We're also looking for quilts with bigger patches, so for the most part they are. When there's something small (like 1-1/2" strips or squares) I'll note that in the description for you. No need for any surprises.

Many of these patterns are precut friendly. You'll see a brightly colored, little icon when they are.

Here we're just trying to make flannel quilts as quickly and easily as possible and enjoy the process along the way.

Sound like fun?

Better get your printer warmed up. I see downloading flannel quilt patterns in your future.

Let's find out what's available to us!

For a few more easy (and free) quilt patterns that'd be perfect for flannel, too, have a look at our collection of Comfort Quilt patterns here.

Are you looking for a bit more of a challenge in your piecing?

No worries.

For even more free quilt patterns to download, there are links to all the groups at the bottom of this page.

Let's talk binding before cutting anything, OK?

You'll notice that the majority of these free patterns were not written for flannel fabrics.

Flannel IS thicker than traditional quilting cottons, so you may want to use wider binding strips. 

How much wider?

Honestly, the best way to know is to make a small scrap quilt sandwich and try out different widths until you find the one that makes you happy to work with. 

To save time the next time, save your sample, make notes on it and add the date and put it away for future reference if there's a lot of flannel quilt patterns in your future. 

What is it they always say?

A note in time saves hours and headaches later?!!! 

NOTE: For my own flannel quilts I prefer cutting my binding strips on the crosswise grain without exception, unless I'm trying to capture a diagonal stripe or plaid for interest at the edges.

Flannel is naturally a bit stretchier than traditional quilting cottons. Cutting it on the bias isn't necessary.

Blocks - Multiple


Honey Bun Friendly icon

With the black strips between the patches this looks like stained glass.

They are cut 1-1/2" wide to finish at 1" wide.

You can find black flannel here.

If you instead choose white or cream, it'd look more like the patches are floating.

Disguised Piecing

I really struggled to come up with a name for this collection of quick and easy flannel quilt patterns, the best description being 'disguised' piecing. 

These quilts are interesting to look at because it's not readily apparent where all the piecing lines are, they aren't like traditional, block-based quilts.

And yet, the piecing is still easy for these flannel quilt patterns.

FFA Forever Blue by RBD Designers

from Riley Blake

Stitch together large prints and soft flannels in your favorite hues for a free-flowing, breezy feel.

Piece together bands of color in simple strata before sewing it all together.

Then laze the day away wrapped in this cool, casual quilt that you made the day before.

Forest Friends by Ben Byrd

The perfect pattern for a quick flannel quilt—simple cutting, easy piecing with a high' how'd-they-piece-that?' quotient.

The smallest patch is a 2" x 2" square. 

Even better, the only time you need to match seams is when you sew the top and bottom to the bright cream dotted strip that runs horizontally through the center.

And remember. This is a free download. Is your printer warmed up yet?


14" finished / 14-1/2" unfinished blocks

The look of inter-woven strips is actually achieved by using basic, everyday piecing techniques.

The majority of fabrics required are standard 1/4s or 1/3s of a yard.

1/3 yard cuts have become my new 1/4s...I find them much more usable than either a fat or regular quarter.

Mosiac Quilt by Carl Hentsch for Studio E

from Studio E

This unique quilt design is made with only 4 blocks...can you see them?

To make them you'll be using the partial seams or puzzle piecing technique that we used in the Bright Hopes quilt block tutorial on this site.

Penny's Garden

Fat Quarter Friendly icon

This one has a bit of applique in the lower righthand corner with a bit of embellishment. Add as much or as little as you like. 

Maybe you've got a panel in your stash that would work for this corner—its cut size is 18" x 20".

Most of the quilt is pieced in strips, with just the center unit having much piecing to it. In it you'll find six 1-1/2" squares. The piecing is still simple and there's not too much of the tiny stuff.

Folded Corners included

Crazy Love Quilt 

Fat Quarter Friendly icon

The half square triangles for the Churn Dash blocks in this design are made with the quick pieced method that I've shared on this website here if you'd like a refresher.

The smaller pink ones are trimmed to 8-1/2" (8" finished) and the larger dark pink ones are trimmed to 12-1/2" (12" finished). That means you'll want to have a square ruler that's at least 12-1/2".

Remember that a square rotary ruler will have a diagonal line marked from corner to corner. You'll want that line to square up your HST correctly. 

I would recommend that you use the 'cut over-sized and trim to perfection' technique. That means cutting you're C, E, Q and U squares at least 3/8" larger than the pattern instructs, mark, sew and trim as directed.

Floating Hearts

Fat Quarter Friendly icon
Jelly Roll Friendly button

Confident Beginner

Lots of pointy points and it's still all constructed from squares and rectangles.

This sample is made from Tula's True Colors line

An interesting collection. No real focus fabric in the lot, but man-o-man have I had a lot of fun making blocks with the fabrics.

Puzzle by Wendy Sheppard


An illusion of curved puzzle tabs and socket shapes playfully connect in this Wendy Sheppard quilt design. The pieces seem to fit perfectly together, yet there is a hidden surprise. Each piece is sewn with different fabrics, giving the quilt maker a delightful challenge.

Will you use a scrappy fabric selection or one that is planned out?

Either way, the result will be anything but puzzling.


Fat Quarter Friendly icon

This would be a fabulous pattern for using up scraps of this and that and simply coordinate them by color or theme.

Each star uses up a 7-1/2" square of fabric. The smaller squares in the border are all 2-1/2" x 2-1/2". 

This is one of those patterns that's a true scrap buster.

Vintage Market

Layer Cake Friendly button

With thirty 10" squares from a layer cake or 10" stacker (Riley Blake's version of a Layer Cake) are trimmed down to 8-1/2" x 8-1/2" to get this pattern started.

Next it's simple folded corners that are 2-1/2" x 2-1/2" on every square. 

The sashing, first border and cornerstones (posts) are 1½" x 1½". Lots of them, but with standard piecing techniques they shouldn't cause a problem.

A nice pattern to showcase a favorite fabric collection.


Advanced Beginner

This is another of the patterns with a narrower sashing (1-1/2") and border strips (1-1/8"). If working with the 1-1/8" border concerns you, consider this. Folded corner squares are 2⅛" x 2⅛".

Cut those Js 1-1/4 to 1-1/2" wide, sew them to your top and trim to the perfect width right after the sewing is complete. I frequently use this technique when I'm sewing flannel log cabin quilts. It's especially helpful if the flannels are different thicknesses.

Half square triangles are made using folded corners and a quick pieced method. There's a bit of waste with the quick pieced method, but you can make a bonus out of the excess. 

Log Cabin style (include Log Cabin, Courthouse Steps)

A Blue Moment by Jean Anne Wright - FREE

from Benartex

With a center unit that's pieced like a Log Cabin and outside units added with partial seams, the simple piecework will keep you on your toes...but none of it's difficult.

What better way to use some of those big, outrageous prints in unique fabric combinations that you've been stockpiling in your stash?

Big them out into the daylight and let them dazzle you!

(Wouldn't this make a terrific flannel quilt?)

Around the Block

Fat Quarter Friendly icon
Jelly Roll Friendly button

16" finished/16-1/2" unfinished blocks

While the pattern calls for fat quarters, all the logs are 2-1/2" wide before sewing so check your stash for unused jelly rolls.

If you're a machine embroiderer, the centers of each block are 4" finished making them the perfect place for that design pack you've been waiting to try.

If you do use machine embroidery, I like to add a woven Tricot interfacing to the back of those squares and then a tear away stabilizer. The Tricot adds body without changing the hand of the flannel. (It was used on the Kitty Kat quilt I made for my daughter here.)

Dovetail Baltic Squares


17½" finished / 18" unfinished

The blocks are gigantic and to make it even quicker, there's only 3 of them to stitch plus 2 half blocks.

Ideally you'll have a ruler big enough to square-up the blocks and an accurate 1/4" seam allowance.

What makes this pattern sing are the big fields of eye catching prints.

It's one of those git'er-done-in-a-hurry quilt patterns.

Good Fortune

Jelly Roll Friendly button

This complex looking design uses simple Courthouse Steps techniques to construct whole, half and side and corner blocks. 

A helpful map of the quilt top is included in the pattern.

Don't forget that you can mark your printed patterns up however it pleases you to keep your fabrics straight as you stitch.


Jelly Roll Friendly button

Choose your favorite jelly roll for the top of this quilt. You'll only need one. Then's there a binding and backing fabric. Simple choices make for quick quilts.

These Courthouse Steps units are alternated so that there's no seams to match between them in the rows, only when you stitch the rows together. 

Take a quick seam allowance test to make this one of the foolproof patterns.

Hungry Animal Alphabet

Jelly Roll Friendly button

One of the patterns that call for a Rolie Polie—Riley Blake's version of a Jelly Roll. It also uses a panel to cut 8" blocks from.

While the fabric line is no longer available, you could substitute another panel with the same 8" designs or alternatively use a fun print.

If you're a machine embroiderer, perhaps there's a collection you've been looking for the right pattern to test it out on. 

Look at the sample again.

Doesn't the pattern of the single light print with the brightly colored ones for the logs make a fetching design?

Another fine idea to file away in your design notebook for future quilts.

In Bloom

Lots of 2-1/2" x WOF segments are used in this pattern. Perhaps you've got leftovers from another project that you can use up?

These Courthouse Steps blocks with two rounds finish at 12"—12—" unfinished.

The 4"finished center of each block is the perfect is your a machine embroidered with a new design pack you're itching to stitch.

Split Level by Studio E

from Studio E

Lots of 2-1/2" and 2" wide strips are needed to make this simple to piece, bold, graphic design.

A sweet choice for using up leftovers from your old jelly rolls.

Nine Patch

Color Bars

I had to do a double take on this one. Jane Sassaman is known for her bold, eye-catching prints and this quilt is all solids. Then I remembered that her QUILTS are made of solids in intricately cut patterns. Ahhh-that makes sense!

Another of the git'er-done-quick patterns, bars of color interrupted with scrappy nine patches. 

Zoom in the photo if you can to see the quilting on this beauty. It's wonderful!

Rail Fence or Strips

Baby Blocks by Ariga Wilson for RK - FREE

from Robert Kaufman


The pattern uses a panel with 10" finished block designs, but that doen't mean you have to!

Consider using one of the mouth-watering big bold prints instead. Coordinate the smaller strips and squares to go with it.

A nice throw-size quilt to use up those leftovers from your Kaffe or Tula Pink quilt projects.

Beach Towels by RBD Designers

Complimentary Download
from Riley Blake
Fat Quarter Friendly icon

With its Rail Fence construction and R-E-A-L-L-Y big patches, this quilt will almost sew itself. 

Grab your favorite FQ bundle and start stitching. It's almost like a day at the beach.

Game Night Throw

Strips of different sizes create the illusion of inter-woven strips. It's always stunning and oh-sew-simple!

Hello Luscious

Jelly Roll Friendly button

A traditional Rail Fenced quilt with strata made from four strips.

Using a Jelly Roll makes this fast and simple.


While you might not have guessed it from the sample here, almost all the smaller looking segments are 2½" by WOF. 

The only smallish strips are the two white ones—one on top and one on the bottom of the four large Courthouse Steps blocks in the center horizontal row.

This design makes a nice color study, doesn't it?

Over The Moon by Elise Lea for RK for Cozy Cotton Flannel - FREE

from Robert Kaufman

Are you looking for an easy quilt pattern to make? Look no further than the Over The Moon quilt pattern by Elise Lea. This free quilt pattern is perfect for those just starting out in the world of quilting, or experienced quilters looking for a fun and simple project.

At 48" x 54"" finished, this quilt is just right for a child or lap quilt. With bold rows of fabric strips it's quick and easy-to-piece with an enhanced Sawtooth star drawing all the attention.

This beautiful quilt will be sure to bring joy and comfort to whoever receives it.

Why not give it a try?


Jelly Roll Friendly button

Another basic Rail Fence pattern that uses Jelly Rolls.

Not only is the piecing lightning fast, but by alternating the blocks there are no seams to make between the units in each row. 'Only between the rows themselves at the intersection of the blocks. 

A beginning quilter's DELIGHT!


OK. You caught me.

I wasn't quite truthful at the beginning.

There's the tiniest bit applique on this lap- or kid-sized quilt.

You could easily change it out for the focus fabric of the fabric collection you're working with. Or perhaps embroider or applique a child's name or favorite saying in that center strip.

You're only limited by the amount of time you have on this one.

A sweet quilt that lets you use up leftover flannel scrap.

Road Map

Jelly Roll Friendly button

A very traditional Rail Fence quilt made from a two-strip strata. 

If you haven't got a jelly roll there'll be lots of 2-1/2" widths to cut.

Uncomplicated piecing, few seams to match, make this design a breeze to stitch up.

Wood Chips

Fat Quarter Friendly icon

To make this into a scrap-lover's dream, you'll need 9"x10-1/2" rectangles cut down to 2½" x 10" and 6½" x 10" patches with another contrasting 2½"x10" patch for in between.

Notice how the sample uses a bold print juxtaposed against many tone-on-tones.

A helpful design idea to store away for your own quilts.

Squares and Rectangles

Flower Box by Wendy Sheppard for Windham

from Windham

Do you have a large-scale print that you just can't bear to cut into?

Or do you need a quilt in a hurry?

Then this is the pattern for you. It's quick, it's easy, and it lets the pretty fabric do all the heavy lifting.

And the price is the cherry on top! ;)

Neighborhood by Ariga Wilson for RK - FREE

from Robert Kaufman


The narrow strips between the larger patches are cut 1" wide.

For accurate piecing results, take a Sewing Test before you begin this quilt design to help you fine tune the accuracy of your 1/4" seam allowance.

Strata Style

Blue Bricks

Advanced Beginner

Another of the 'not-for-flannel' but 'perfect-for-flannel' quilt patterns.

The bricks for the strata in this design are all cut 3-1/2" x 7-1/2" for full bricks and 3-1/2" x 4" for halfsies and are all stitched together—nine to a row.

This is another of those scrap buster type patterns. Choose your fabrics based on a collection, a color scheme, or design theme for unity amongst the patches.

Candy Stripes by Maude Ashbury for Free Spirit Fabrics


An easy quilt to use up some of those irresistible kid prints from the quilt store.

Not a lot of work for all that cuteness!

Evening Breeze

Advanced Beginner

A little Bargello quilting paired with a bold print make this quilt both a knockout and a piece of cake to stitch. 

The strata is made from 5 different 2½'xWOF. 

This is one of those patterns is a bit of smallish piecing...those pink bars on either side of the bargello piecing are cut 1&188;" wide.


Jelly Roll Friendly button

The pattern calls for a Rolie Polie which is Riley Blake's version of a Jelly Roll.

You say 'potato', I say 'potahto'. :)

Grab your favorite precut roll and you'll be done in a flash.



Layer Cake Friendly button

Here, like all Riley Blake patterns, it calls for a 10" Stacker which is their version of a Layer Cake. 

The green spacers between the pieced strata are cut 2" by WOF. A bit narrow, but not outrageously so.

You've seen all the flannel quilt patterns, now it's your turn!

Quilts are an iconic symbol of home and comfort. They evoke memories, provide warmth on chilly nights, and offer the perfect place to snuggle up with a good book or movie. 

If you’re looking for a fun, quick and easy project to get started on this winter, consider making your own flannel quilt. It doesn't have to be difficult or expensive either - simply choose one of the free flannel quilt patterns we've shared above to help you create the perfect piece of home comfort-décor in no time at all.

If you’re looking for something fun, quick and easy to make this winter season, it doesn’t get any better than making your own cozy flannel quilt.

For more free quilt patterns with varying difficulty

Our favorite fabric brands do an outstanding job marketing their latest fabric collections to us, using free quilt patterns to help seal the deal.

Moreover, there's some superb quilt designers that work with these brands.

Slowly but surely this group of patterns will grow. Another good reason to bookmark this page. ;)


IF there are templates or paper piecing patterns included in the free download, make sure to set your printer to print at 'Actual Size' or '100%' or 'No scaling'. There'll be a graphic of a box or a line to double-check the measurement of to make it printed at the correct size. 

Find more help for printing patterns and templates here.

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