A New Christmas Tree Skirt Quilt Pattern ~ The Perfect Finishing Touch

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Christmas is the time of year when families gather to decorate their homes with festive lights, wreaths and trees.

One way to put a personal touch on your tree this year is by making your own from a Christmas tree skirt quilt pattern. Quilting offers an opportunity for you to express yourself creatively with fabrics of your choice while adding warmth and color to your home's holiday decorations!

I've gathered several tree skirt patterns for you to choose from.

But first, a little tree skirt Q&A to help you make your choice.

Christmas Tree Skirt Q&A

What is the purpose of a skirt?

The simplest design is merely a length of fabric wrapped around the base of your Christmas Tree to hide the not-so-pretty stand and/or watering mechanism.

In my first apartment, I wrapped batting around the base in hopes that it looked more like snow than batting.

Does a Christmas Tree really need a skirt? 

Only if it bothers you having the base show when there are no presents under the tree. 

Can you put one on a real tree? 

Of course!

Only recently did we switch to an artificial Fraser Fir at our house. The Christmas Tree Skirt my Mother made when I was a young'un still camouflages and decorates the base.

Is there a standard size?

The diameter of your Christmas Tree Skirt should be greater than the diameter of your stand and roughly 4" to 6" larger than the diameter of the evergreen's outer branches at their widest point. The skirt will extend 2"-3" past the outside edge of the branches.

One that's too small looks kind of awkward—like the tree doesn't have a stable foundation.

Record both measurements if you're a quilter. There's a good chance you'll make more than one tree skirt during your lifetime. ;)

Based on height, what should the diameter be?

While measuring the diameter gives the best aesthetically please results, if you're a connoisseur of live trees, you'll tend to purchase trees of a certain height.

Use these measurements as guidelines:

  • 7-1/2' or taller with a large base: 56"+ diameter
  • 7-1/2': 48" diameter
  • 4-1/2' - 6-1/2': 42" to 48" diameter
  • 2' - 3': 20" diameter

How much quilting should I do?

If you wait until Christmas Eve to put out the presents and the quilting will show, then do as much and as fancy as you like because it’ll be seen.

If it's heavily quilted with feathers and other decorative motifs, consider using a 100% wool batting. It'll add a lot of dimension to the finished quilting.

If the presents start appearing as soon as they’re bought and wrapped, add 'enough' quilting. The batting package provides recommended distances between you quilting stitches.

There's no need to exceed this if it's destined to be covered in presents most of the time.

Christmas Tree Skirt Quilt Patterns

You'll find a mix of commercial (you buy) and free downloads from the fabric manufacturers.

There are buttons next to the pictures that tell you where clicking on them will take you or simply click on the picture itself.

Once you settle on a pattern, check out all the new Christmas fabric collections that await you this year here.


Intermediate quilters

You'll piece six bargello panels to create this beautiful and complex-looking pattern that will provide a jubilant accent to your Christmas décor.

Buffalo Lodge by Krista Moser for The Quilted Life


3 patterns in 1!

The perfect way to add a little joy and magic this season, the Buffalo Lodge quilting patterns includes instructions not just for a skirt but also for custom place mats and a runner.

It's icing on the cake when a designer includes extras.

To complete this pattern you'll need the Creative Grids Non-Slip 60° Diamond Mini by Krista Moser.

Christmas 2022 Tree Skirts by Lynne Goldsworthy for Makower UK

from Makower UK
Jelly Roll Friendly button

An absolute tour de force of piecing for under your Christmas Tree. 

Remember to print your circle templates at 100% or 'Actual Size' or with 'NO Scaling'.

What a spectacular addition to your holiday decor! And you made it yourself. :D

Charm Pack Christmas by Fat Quarter Shop

Charm Square friendly button

There's no excuse for your tree to be undressed this year.

Start with a merry Charm pack add some background fabric and this simple pattern, and yours will be dressed to the nines in no time.

December Magic by Emma Leach for Blank Quilting

Skill Level: Intermediate

This pattern contains 68 'pairs' of Flying Geese stitched together.

Personally I find it muct easier to paper piece pairs of Flying Geese. If you do to, you'll find a free paper piecing pattern to download the ones you'll need here with the instructions and cutting chart to make them here.

Elegant Christmas Tree Skirt - FREE

Add some elegance to your Christmas decor with this quilted tree skirt. The pieced design will be treasured for years to come.

This pattern is easy enough for a beginner, but still looks like a sophisticated finished product.

Make one for your own tree, or give it as a gift to the quilter in your life.

Take a look at these samples with different fabrics.

A red fabric color option
A green fabric color option

Frosted Pines Tree Skirt by Stacey Day for Windham Fabrics

from Windham Fabrics

Paper piecing patterns are included with the free download. 

Remember to print at '100%' or 'Actual Size' or set page scaling to 'None' for accurate patterns.

Then check the 1" square on the copies to confirm they're the correct size before proceeding.

Gilded Christmas Tree Skirt by Krista Moser of A Quilted Life


Chic. Contemporary. Stylish. What's not to love in this design from Krista Moser.

Isn't it amazing how different this design looks in a more traditional set of colors?

You'll need Creative Grids' 60° Diamond Ruler to make this tree skirt.

2 examples of the Gilded Christmas Tree Skirt quilt pattern by Krista Moser of A Quilted LifeSamples made in two colorways—amazing how different they look!

Holly Jolly Tree Skirt by A Bright Corner (8/23)

Jelly Roll Friendly button

🎄✨ This tree skirt pattern is calling your name! Skip the stores and make your own holly jolly tree hugger, custom-sized for your Tannenbaum. 🎅🎄

Raid your fabric stash for the perfect prints.❄️ Get fancy with your freehand quilting—berries, leaves, ornaments, stockings hanging in a row. 🧦  Don't you just love traditions? 🥰

Embrace the season, get cozy and creative! 😊❤️ Your tree will be dressed to impress in your handmade holiday finery. 💃

Joyful Jelly Roll Tree Skirt by Fat Quarter Shop

Jelly Roll Friendly icon

Another gem from the Fat Quarter Shop. 

When you click the link there's a video tutorial so you can see how the skirt is put together BEFORE purchasing the pattern. 

If you want to create a wall hanging instead, you can simply skip the hole in the center. 

Joyeux Noel by Megan Downer for Studio E - FREE

No specialty rulers needed for this one. Templates are provided right in the pattern.

Remember to print with 'Scaling' set to 'None' or '0' or print at 'Actual Size'.

Log Cabin Tree Skirt by Janet Houts for Andover Fabrics

Fat Quarter Friendly icon

The holidays just wouldn't be complete without a family heirloom to hand down from generation.

This skirt has the perfect central star surrounded by easy-to-piece trees and framed with traditional Log Cabin blocks, which are all pieced together seamlessly.

Merry Christmas Tree Skirt By The RBD Designers - FREE

This simple pattern is made with full size templates from the free download. They come in 3 pieces and must be taped together. But there's no need for a specialty ruler.

Don't you just love the pom pom fringe around the outside edge?

Snowbird Tree Skirt Sewing Pattern by Pieces to Treasure



40" diameter

The Snowbird Tree Skirt pattern is the perfect way to add a touch of festivity to your Christmas decor.

The soft colors and charming design will brighten up any room, and with a bit of applique, you can add a touch of personality that will make your tree skirt stand out from the rest. So, why not give it a try?

Stitch up a Snowbird Tree Skirt today!

Sparkle Tree Skirt by Elise Lea for RK Studios

from Robert Kaufman

Remember to add other affiliates and precut friendly buttons

The sample uses fabrics from the Winter Sparkle Holiday line. The pattern also includes instructions using the Blue version of this collection.

To All a Good Night by Fat Quarter Shop Exclusive

Fat Quarter Friendly icon

Gather round the Christmas tree dressed in its cozy new skirt stitched just for this occasion!

Stitch in the peaceful silence of a winter night. Then watch on Christmas morning as eyes light up spying presents peeking out from under the trees' sheltering branches. This handcrafted tree skirt sets the stage for cherished holiday memories

The cover sample is made with fabrics from Lella Boutique's Christmas Eve collection.

Tonga Merry - Tree Skirt by Stacey Day for Timeless Treasures

This pattern is made using templates (provided in the pattern).

Remember to set 'Scaling' to 'None' or 'Actual Size' so that they print out at the correct size. Use the 1" square on the download to double check that you've printed correctly.

Tree Skirt by Robert Kaufman Fabrics

Experienced Intermediate

Sample uses fabrics from the Holiday Flourish collection.

Yuletide Tree Skirt by Elise Lea (10/23)

from Robert Kaufman

Simple squares to stitch up a quick Christmas Tree skirt...maybe for a newlywed's or recently flown-the-nest's first Christmas.

Nothing like a free pattern to make it all come together.

Samples are stitched with fabrics from the Holiday Flourish collection.

For more Christmas quilting

It’s a great time of year to be a quilter.

Between the new Christmas Tree Skirt Quilt Patterns and all the gorgeous fabric collections, it'll be hard to choose just one!

To tempt you further, check out all the Christmas offerings on site. Use these buttons to find what you want.

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