A Comfort Quilt Pattern Collection...

...to download for yourself and share with your Quilt Guild.

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Each comfort quilt pattern in this collection is designed to be easy to cut. Quick to piece.

The designs use 5" Charm squares (those you've bought and haven't used or ones you've cut yourself) or 6-1/2" or 8-1/2" cut squares.

In one pattern the top is finished after sewing just 10 seams!

You are encouraged to share this collection with your local Guild or quilt group and print as many copies as you need. There are so many people that could use a bit of love and compassion in their life.

Why not do what you do best to help them and bust a little stash at the same time!

Seven free comfort quilt patterns to download and print from this pageSeven different comfort quilt patterns to choose from

A word about backings

For the smaller quilts, the backings are one length of fabric plus 5" on the top and bottom to economize on the largest pieces you need to supply. The width is tight, offering only an inch or two on the left and right sides.

If you (or your Guild members) are uncomfortable quilting with a  back this narrow, simply add a strip to the backing to make it as large as needed to feel comfortable.

For larger quilts, the backing yardage is calculated with a horizontal seam to save fabric—roughly 1/2 yard each time this method is used. Those backs have an extra 5" on each of the four sides of the quilt top.

For more general information on making comfort quilts (materials to use/not use and where to donate, click here.

Your fabric choices can really make your patchwork shine, but...

If you'd prefer to customize the patterns even more, consider substituting pieced blocks for some of the cut squares. Use these links to go to pages on this site for free quilt block patterns that are:

Some contain paper piecing, other are completely pieced using traditional methods.

The Comfort Quilt Pattern Collection

The designs are free for you to download and use. You are welcome  to print as many copies as you'd like.

Each pattern is listed by size—from smallest width to largest.


North and South - Child

North and South quilt design40½" x 51½"
Download North and South

Cut thirty 8-1/2" squares.

Add a top and bottom border—that's where the 'North, South' comes from. ;)


You've got a right-sized quilt for a child in need!

Use #NorthandSouthQuilt when you share your creation on social media.

Zippy Strips

Zippy Strip design42ish" x 59"
Download Zippy Strips

This is meant to finish in a hurry.

10 seams and the top is finished—perfect for those times when you Guild has committed to make a large comfort quilt donation and there just aren't enough hands.

Your fabric choices make the quilt special.

Trim the top down as needed to the smallest fabric width in the quilt after stitching.

This quilt is drafted to use a single width of backing fabric. It'll be tight, but it'll get done. 

Use #ZippyStripsQuilt to inspire others on Instagram.

28's a Wrap

28's a Wrap comfort quilt design42½" x 59"
Download 28's a Wrap

It doesn't get much easier than this!

6-1/2" cut squares alternating with strips about as wide as you can cut them, 28's a Wrap makes for a really quick child-sized quilt. 

Just 42-1/2" wide means, that if you're careful, you can economize on the backing and use use one length. Careful positioning of the quilt top on the backing, means you've got just enough to hold onto to machine quilt.

Choose a fun and funky fabric for the wide strips and then some  scraps from your stash. 

If you share your work on Instagram, I'd love to see it! Use #28saWrapQuilt to make it easy for others to find your work!

Nickel for Your Thoughts - Child

Nickel for Your Thoughts comfort quilt pattern, small45½" x 54½"
Download 5¢ for Your Thoughts

Bust open those Charm square packs that are languishing in your stash!

Using up sixty 5" dark squares and sixty light for each quilt you donate goes a long way towards busting some stash.

Use #NickelforYourThoughtsQuilt to show others that making a comfort quilt is fun!

Quilt=Love, Child

Quilt=Love design, small51½" x 59½"
Print Quilt=Love

Got scraps? Got time? Give love!

Thirty 8-1/2" squares and a border are what you'll cut for this.

Use #QuiltLoveQuilt so others can find your work.

Quilt=Love, Adult

Quilt=Love design, large59-1/2" x 69-1/2"
Print Quilt=Love

What's good for the Goose is good for the Gander, right?

Here, we've resized this comfort quilt pattern so that it's right-sized for a teen or adult. Instead of thirty 8½" squares, you'll need forty-two.

Use #QuiltLoveQuilt when you share your work so that others can be inspired!

Nickel for Your Thoughts - Adult

Nickel for your Thoughts design, large60-1/2" x 72-1/2"
5¢ for Your Thoughts

Sixty 6½" squares of a light and another 60 of a dark and you've got the makings for this beauty. Scrappy or with just two fabrics, this comfort quilt is sure to be a cuddly favorite!

Use #NickelforYourThoughtsQuilt to motivate others on your social media accounts.

Please share your quilts

The suggested hashtags are highlighted in both the comfort quilt pattern descriptions above AND on each downloadable pattern.

Please use them so other quilters can find inspiration in your efforts.

Again, you are encouraged to share these with your local Quilt  Guild or group. Print as many copies as you need. So many people in this world could use some extra comfort.

Why not do what you do best to help them and bust a little stash at the same time!

Click here for more information on Comfort quilts (materials to use/not use and where to donate) .

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