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Kitty Baby Quilt with Machine Embroidery

by Julie

The embroidery designs are from Cactus Punch

The embroidery designs are from Cactus Punch

This little log cabin flannel quilt was a fun one to make for my daughter.

It's made from a collection of 1930's reproduction flannels and a couple of extra miscellaneous flannels.

Embroidered quilt block

A Cactus Punch machine embroidery collection called, Cactus Punch CAT02 Fancy Cats Embroidery CD, started it all. It is full of all sorts of kitties being all sorts of people.

Just too cute to pass up!

The embroidered blocks were squared up to 4-1/4" unfinished. I cut 1-1/2" strips from every flannel I'd collected, saving a full strip of 16 different pieces for the outside log of each block. That way I wouldn't have to worry about two of the same fabric being on the outside edge. It's so nice when I actually think ahead.

Then I cut one 1" wide strip from several fabrics, and 1" wide strips of a pink flannel to frame each block.

The outer squares are made from miscellaneous flannel squares cut 3" square. The one round of logs that goes around each one was cut 1-1/4" wide.

RoundStrip Cut Size
1st1" wide pink flannel
2nd1-1/2" wide strip
3rd1" wide strip
4th1-1/2" wide strip
5th1-1/2" wide strip
The blocks were pieced "court house steps" style...add a log to the top and bottom at the same sitting, then press and then add a log to the left and right side, again, in the same sitting. The piecing went so much faster that way.

This was the 1st quilt made with my Designer I. I really fell in love with the pivot function it has.

If you don't have the "pivot" function, what happens is when you stop stitching, the foot raises up about halfway. Especially nice in combination with the needle stop down feature. It's so easy to chain piece this way and saved a ton of time. The whole top was pieced in a day.

I liked making this one so much, I've made it two more times for baby quilts for friends. The only change was to use my embroidery
machine to stitch a block with the baby's name, birth date and weight just to personalize it a bit.

A fun project to make! A cuddly quilt to snuggle in!

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Jan 09, 2015
by: Anonynicolemous

Wow this is Adorable

May 24, 2014
soft and sweet
by: Anonymous

simply adorable, love it, great job time well spent my dear!

Aug 06, 2012
by: Gill

What a lovely quilt. I'm just about to start my first ever quilt but when I'm a bit more experienced......

May 07, 2012
Beautiful Quilt
by: Mary

The quilt is beautiful, do you have a pattern?

From the Editor: There is no pattern for this quilt.

However, I did put cutting directions for the logs to make the blocks in the table just above. I used up scraps of reproduction flannels leftover from other projects...and bought a couple of others, because, well...I'm a quilter! :) ~ Julie

May 09, 2010
by: Susan K.

What a cute way to use embroidery designs! Precious!

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