Quilt Games

and Other Activities for Guilds

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Quilt games and puzzles are great icebreakers for guild get togethers like picnics and holiday parties.

Sometimes a guild just needs an economical, but fun, meeting to stretch those budget dollars.

Others present member-directed activities in the winter months when the weather can inhibit travel. If one of these meetings is canceled, it's easier to reschedule than one with a speaker coming in from another part of the country.

What does your Guild like to do?

If you have a fun game or activity to share, just use the form below.

Please, only one activity per submission, but you can make as many submissions as you'd like. This will help us get them posted faster. Thanks!

As you describe it, give as much information as you can (rules, does it need prizes, is it better for a meeting or a party...etc) so that another guild can do or play it, too!

Let's Get Started!

It's so easy to do!

Games, Puzzles and Activites suggested by our Readers

Click below to see the suggestions from other quilters...

Freebie Table for Guild Members
One quilter's castoff can be another's treasure...IF they find each other. Learn how one group makes it happen with their Quilt Guild 'Freebie Table'...

Quilt Recipes Book from my Bee Buddy! 
The Quilting Gift That Keeps on Giving! Our bee, like most quilting bees, gets together once a month to stitch and solve the problems of the world. …

Guess The Quilter 
To help guild members get to know a bit more about each other. Have members write a short list of fun facts about themselves...not just that they're …

First Quilt, Best Quilt 
This is a really fun activity to do every few years in place of having an outside speaker come and give a lecture at your quilt guild meeting. Members …

Yellow Button Game Not rated yet
After our retreat is underway, the coordinator discretely hides a large yellow button on someone's table. She then sets a timer for a random amount of …

Left, Right, Center Not rated yet
There is an inexpensive dice game by this name that you can easily find at stores. We play it with fat quarters. Start with 3 or more fat quarters, …

Been There Done That Not rated yet
Pick a theme that many of the quilters in your guild will have done. This might be a past workshop, a popular block or technique, or a common precut. …

The Letters of Quilting Not rated yet
Put Scrabble letters in a bag and keep passing it around the table having everyone take four or five each time and turning them upside down. Once …

Ugliest Quilt Show Not rated yet
Each of us love to share those lovely quilts we've finished, but what about those quilts that started with such promise and didn't turn out the way …

Fat Quarter Raffle Not rated yet
These raffles are held as part of the Guild Meeting. Choose a color or type of fabric for each month the raffle will be held and publish this information …

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