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Guess The Quilter

by Susan
(Eden Prairie, IL)

To help guild members get to know a bit more about each other.

Have members write a short list of fun facts about themselves...not just that they're married with two kids and and two dogs, but interesting little things about themselves. Things that most people don't know. Perhaps they've won a ribbon at the fair, were in a school play or eloped on a ski vacation.

Publish this information in your Guild's newsletter without the quilter's name attached. Instruct your members to write the name of the person on a slip of paper and deposit it in the basket at the front of the room at the next meeting. Your president may want to read the info again at the beginning of the meeting to encourage participation.

The first correct name pulled from the basket wins a prize.

You may want to have the member get up and tell a bit more about themselves at the meeting or even draw the winning name themselves.

It's great fun and you'd be amazed at how much more you remember about other members in the guild!

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