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Ugliest Quilt Show

by Julie Harstad
(Orono MN)

Each of us love to share those lovely quilts we've finished, but what about those quilts that started with such promise and didn't turn out the way we envisioned? It is fun to share the stories behind those too!

For our Ugliest Quilt Show we gave out prizes, including the Humps and Lumps Award, and the Valueless Award.

And my personal favorite was the MVE Award--Most Valiant Effort. Our lecture for the evening then included "What Makes a Successful Quilt."

There were lots of laughs that evening and understanding nods. We were reminded that quilts don't have to be perfect, just made with love!

From the Editor:

I think this is just the neatest idea, Julie! Our guild has done the 'first quilt/best quilt' a couple of times now, (which is a blast), but this takes Show and Tell to the next level.

I'm wondering...did some of your guild members think that some of the 'uglies' were pretty? I'm going to bet that a couple quilters went home with a better appreciation for their ugly quilt then when they came to guild.

Thanks for sharing this terrific idea!


Julie Baird

PS The award titles are perfect!

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