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Stuck with reverse stitching

Hi All!

I need help with a Husqvarna Quilt Designer 2.

I have had the machine for about a year and have not had any problems with it. When I turn on the machine, all it will do is sew in reverse. I have pressed the reverse button, and switched it on and off, nothing seems to change it back to forward stitching. I'd be most grateful for any help.

Thank you,



Sarah, I'm putting this out for help from our readers. I haven't experienced the problem on my D1, but given it came out of nowhere, I'm thinking it means a trip to the repair shop. Nuts! Not fun on a late Saturday afternoon!

Readers, if you've got suggestions, just use the 'comments' link below...I'm stumped on this one...


Julie Baird

Comments for Stuck with reverse stitching

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Thank you
by: Sarah

Thanks for your comments, looks like a trip to the repair shop. Just what I needed, lol. I have checked the manual and it does have a reverse stitch function, but pressing it does not make any difference.

Again thank you.


Stuck in reverse
by: Annette Bloss

Viking's do that in order not to cause damage when there is something wrong. If you can't figure it out; get it to your repair guy.

Check your manual
by: Sandy

Have you checked your manual? One of the machines I've owned actually had a setting where you could just sew in reverse. Maybe yours got set on that accidentally.

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