Snowman Quilt Patterns...

...with a few flakes thrown in for good measure!

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Updated: 2-10-24

I love a snowman quilt at the holidays. And afterwards, too!

Let's face it.

When January comes, there's nothing so sad as stripping away all the holiday decorations. Everything looks, well...


One way to remedy the emptiness is to do part of your holiday decorating with snowman quilts...

...or snowflake quilts, for that matter.

They fit right in as soon as it gets cold in your neck of the woods and right on through the Christmas holiday season.

And no one thinks they're out of place after New Year's—especially if you've been ingenious with your fabric choices. And we quilters are very good at that!

Snowman quilt patterns and kits to makeSnowman quilt patterns are the BEST!

Snowman and Snow-themed Quilt Patterns

These are a few of my favorites snowman quilt patterns with a few flakes thrown in for good measure.

(If you're looking for a more holiday-ish quilt to make, check out my curated collection of Christmas quilt patterns.

All Bundled Up by Thimble Blossoms (10/23)

Fat Quarter Friendly icon

Snuggle up with a steaming mug of hot cocoa under the All Bundled Up quilt this holiday season.

Stitch together cozy mittens, wooly scarves, and fluffy earmuffs to keep Jack Frost's chill away. Embrace the spirit of giving by crafting this festive quilt for a loved one.

Wrap yourself in warmth and nostalgia with each hand-sewn memory. Stay merry and bright through the most wonderful time of the year!

All Things Winter BOM by Sandy Gervais


Experience the magic of winter with "All Things Winter," a delightful quilt pattern by Sandy Gervais. Stitched with fabrics from the Arrival of Winter collection, this quilt embodies the season's charm with icy blues, crisp whites, and cozy greys. Each block features charming motifs of snowflakes, snowmen, mittens, and hats, creating a captivating winter tableau.

"All Things Winter" isn't just a quilting project, but a celebration of winter. As you piece together each block, you're creating a cozy winter wonderland that adds warmth and charm to any home during the frosty season. 

Celtic Snowflake by Madison Rose Quilting Co.


With freshly fallen snowflakes scattered all about, the Celtic Snowflake quilt pattern by Madison Rose Quilting Co. is a beautiful and unique design.

Quilters of all skill levels will enjoy piecing this pattern of simple shapes together, and the end result is sure to be stunning.

Perfect for a wintertime project, this quilt will bring the beauty of a snow-covered landscape indoors. 

Chilly Night Pillow Pattern by Chris Malone

Who ever said a snowman quilt has to be flat?

These guys seem ever so comfortable all tucked in.

Chocolate Moose by Cotton Street Commons

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Chocolate Moose is a playful parade of adorable moose, each one donning a cute beanie for that dash of outdoor charm. Imagine these endearing creatures frolicking across your quilt, their gentle eyes and majestic antlers captured in a symphony of seasonal fabrics.

Creating a Chocolate Moose quilt is like building a cabin in a peaceful forest. Each block you piece together adds another tree to the scene, each stitch you make brings another moose to life. And when you're done, you won't just have a quilt—you'll have a slice of winter wonderland, a cozy retreat that's perfect for snuggling up on cold winter nights.

Cold Front by Wren Collective

Cold Front quilt pattern by Wren Collective

Mitten-Mitten, who's got the mitten? You will, with this fat-quarter-friendly pattern perfect for your stash-busting desires.

Full of delightful mittens to warm both body and soul. Adorned with playful hearts, you can't resist the love radiating from this modern, Confident-Beginner-friendly quilt!

Embrace the rich and lush hues that seamlessly blend as you bring those mittens to life with every stitch.

Do You Want to Sew a Snowman? by Cotton Street Commons

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This is a jovial jamboree of everyone's favorite winter friends, each one brimming with personality. Picture these charming characters frolicking across your quilt: their round bellies, their carrot noses, their twig arms all reaching out in a warm embrace. And let's not forget their stylish top hats and cozy scarves, adding a dash of charm that's simply irresistible.

Let's answer the call of the "Do You Want to Sew a Snowman?"  and embark on a quilting adventure that's as fun as a snow—sew—day.

Frosty by Sandy Gervais

Charm Square Friendly icon

Imagine a jovial snowman, his body composed of giant snowflake blocks that seem to twinkle with frosty delight. Atop his head sits a perfectly placed stocking cap, stitched with care to keep him cozy amidst the winter chill.

Each block in the Frosty quilt pattern is a celebration of winter's whimsy, capturing the spirit of the season in every stitch.

Frosty promises hours of sewing fun and a beautiful finished wall hanging that you can be proud of.

Frosty Friends by Chris Malone

Fat 1/8 friendly icon

Skill Level: Experienced Beginner Quilter

Have you been looking for a fun project that will make your home feel festive?

Well, this quilt is just what the doctor ordered! It's perfect to spice up any room in between those cold winter months.

By simply changing the positions of the arms, eyes, and nose and adding embellishments as the mood strikes you, you'll soon be enveloped in a big Snowman hug.

Joyful Snow by Penny Rose Fabrics for Riley Blake Designs

from Riley Blake
Fat Quarter Friendly icon

If you're looking for a winter quilt pattern that is as joyous as snowfall itself, look no further than the Joyful Snow quilt pattern.

Featuring appliqued snowflakes and chained blocks in sweet prints, this quilt is perfect for snuggling up under on a cold winter night.

Let It Snow

An oh-snow-sweet way to cheer up your kitchen between the holidays and spring time.

The pattern includes instructions for coasters, too.

Snow Social by My Sew Quilty Life


Intermediate: Traditional piecing, no applique

Dare to dream of a whimsical winter wonderland with the Snow Social Downloadable PDF Quilt Pattern.

Stitch together some seasonal fun and create an absolutely adorable addition to your favorite room. So, mittens off, crank up that sewing machine, and boogie down with these cute snow lads and lasses in holiday prints in festive colors you can't resist.

Snowman Playground Topper by Chris Malone

A simple table topper with easy piecing and a bit of fusible applique. 

Snowman Village Table Runner by Shabby Fabrics

The sound of snowman laughter fills the air as they play in the piles of freshly fallen snow. The chilly temperature makes their teeth chatter, but it is worth this cold for an afternoon with friends and family!

This pattern is available as a Table Runner or a a bench pillow.

The patterns include instructions and templates to complete these fusible applique projects.

Snowy by Coriander Quilts


Frosty's got nothing on our 'Snowy'!

This pattern is available in either a printed or a downloadable form.

Stars and Snowflakes by Wendy Sheppard

Fat Quarter Friendly icon

Bring the cold weather inside with this fun design. 

The Star and Snowflakes PDF Quilt Pattern features star blocks and snowflakes that will add a chilly breeze to your living room. 

This project is fat quarter-friendly and perfect for overcast days.

Whimsical Snowflake by Madison Rose Quilting Co.


This flurry of hexagons is all machine pieced! Choose from a scrappy or ombre or two-color color scheme.

You can use the paper hexagon templates provided in the pattern, or choose a 60° triangle ruler instead.

Winter Magic by A Bright Corner

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Imagine a star, glittering brightly in the frosty night sky, its radiance rivaling the sparkle of freshly fallen snow. This is the heart of Winter Magic, a stunning celestial motif that will illuminate your home like a beacon of festive cheer. Framing this radiant star are sprightly sprigs of holly, their verdant leaves and ruby-red berries bringing a touch of vibrant life to the wintry scene.

This isn't just a quilt—;it's a celebration of winter, a testament to your creativity, and a warm, inviting haven from the chill outside. 

Winter Wishes Quilt Pattern

Skill Level: Easy

This quilt is full of hopeful snowmen, all gazing at the colorful stars and picking one to wish on!

The applique is simple, the stars are wonky. A fun quilt to stitch.

You’ll have it finished before the first Snow falls.

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