Newfoundland Quilt Guilds

by Julie Baird

All of the Newfoundland Quilt Guilds listed on this page are displayed in alphabetical order by their meeting town or location.

If we've missed your Guild, please add it to this list by using the blue 'Add a Quilt Guild' button below.

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I prefer that your prospective new members contact someone from the guild to get the correct information for the meeting they plan to attend.

That way everybody's happy!

Newfoundland Quilt Guilds

Arnolds Cove
Baccalieu Quilters' Guild

Bay Roberts
Pigeon Inlet Quilters Guild

YQX Quilters Guild
Contact: June Young 709-424-4708

YQX Quilters

Ocean View Quilters Guild
PO Box 54, Holyrood, NL A0A 2RO

Mount Pearl
Cabot Quilters' Guild

Sew and So Quilters

Whale Coast Quilters' Guild
Email Anne Inder

If you know of a quilt guild in Newfoundland that isn't listed, please refer them to our Quilt Guild Submission Form to create their free listing.

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