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Thread is breaking

by Barbara Hoblitzell
(Barling, AR, USA)

I am having trouble this time with the thread that I am using. I bought all purpose thread from Walmart and it keeps breaking when trying to sew the border on.
Don't know if it is my needle, thread or what.


Check out the page, Sewing Machine Problems, particularly the section on 'Breaking Needle Thread'.

I would first change to a new needle and check that your tension isn't too tight.

If your thread is on a horizontal spool pin, make sure that the 'notch' in the spool is to the right, your thread will come off on the left. That way you avoid catching the thread on that notch and having it snap.

If the spool is on a vertical spool pin, have the notch at the bottom.

Ideally, a thread that is wound straight onto a spool (the thread runs parallel to the top and bottom of the spool) should come straight off the side, so use your vertical pin.

If your machine quilting thread shreds, and then breaks try moving to the next size larger needle.

If you've used this thread before, then I don't think it's the thread. However, if it was a 'steal' then I would consider that the thread might be a problem.

For quilting...both the piecing and machine quilting...I like to use a good quality thread like Aurifil or Masterpiece, in a 50 wt 100% cotton. They both feed nicely through my machine, take up very little space in the seam allowance, and create very little lint. (Lint sucks up the lubrication in my machine.)

I hope one of our tips will help you. Breaking thread is so annoying!

Readers, do add your suggestions by using the link for 'Add a comment' below. Thank you!


Julie Baird

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