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Streak of Lightning ~ The rest of the story!

by Cindy



Cindy writes...

It's not a quilt yet BUT could not find a page for first timers to post their pride and joy.

I'm trusting all of you lovely quilters will understand my absolute shear joy of what I have done.


Had it not been for the interest Julie took in my desperate, pathetic plea for help and her guidance I would have never attempted this and decided to never try quilting.
'Thank You' just seems so small for what her help did in caring and giving me that final push to step into the wonderful world of quilting....

P.S. LOOK at the quilt block not the mess on the shelf behind
Only 41 to go...!!!!!

Julie replies...

To my readers,

You'll find the question that started it all here.

To Cindy,

You've done a fabulous job! Thank you so much for sharing your block here. (It feels SO GOOD to see our ideas take shape, doesn't it?)

I can't begin to express just how heart-warming and satisfying it is to see that my words were of help to someone else. It's an amazing payoff for me. Words do not express! Thank you!

You are MOST welcome...

...and certainly not pathetic. Seriously, the only dumb question in quilting is the one that doesn't get asked. You're off to a great start!

I've added a downloadable cutting chart for the log cabin block in 3 different sizes, a coloring page for both the block and the Streak of Lightning quilt. Please feel free to download as needed!

This was a lot of fun to work on AND it needed to be done. I'm grateful that you asked!


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Jun 26, 2017
Love log cabin blocks
by: Daniele

I love your colors! I am working on a king size log cabin quilt for my daughter.
Have fun

May 21, 2017
by: Gabrielle

I love the colors and I am so happy that you didn't give up.

Apr 04, 2017
Doing great!
by: Anonymous

Love your colors and it looks like your kept your Log Cabin very square. Great job!

Mar 06, 2017
by: Sandra

Welcome to the wonderful world of quilting. So glad you joined us and your block looks just great!
I'm a recent starter myself and thoroughly enjoying my journey of discovery. I do hope you do too.

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