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Squaring Up Applique

by Norma

I read all the invisible machine applique steps, but I still need to know how to square up an applique block.


You were right! I needed to put up instructions for squaring up applique blocks. I am so glad that you pointed this out to me.

I have added the information at:

I'm just getting over the flu (AGAIN...hate that!) so I'll go back over the article in the next few days to probably add some more pictures. If something isn't clear, I'd appreciate it if you'd let me know and I'll polish it!

An interesting aside...I took a look through some of my recent applique book purchases and there wasn't ANYTHING in them about squaring up your blocks. I was surprised. The nice thing about a website, is that I don't have an editor that is crossing out things to save either ink or pages. That's the great thing about offering information this way.

Anyway, I've droned on far too long. But I do sincerely appreciate your taking the time to write and help me out!


Julie Baird

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