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Singer walking foot

by Jenny
(Omaha, NE USA)

My new walking foot is supposed to work on my Singer, but when I attach, as per the directions, it doesn't touch the fabric by 1/8" at least. I'm not totally clueless, but I don't understand why it doesn't fit, unless it's not really meant to be used on my machine and the Amazon ad was incorrect?


Hi Jenny!

The Clotilde website has a page that lists the type of shank for many (but not all) of the Singer sewing machines.

Click here to visit the page. It will open in a new window, and then scroll to the bottom.

Double check your machine model's shank-type and then compare it with the foot you received. It seems to me that you may have gotten a 'slant-shank' walking foot for a 'high-shank' machine if the difference is 1/8".

A quilter wrote in awhile back with the same problem.

While the Clotilde chart doesn't show any Singer machines having a high-shank, one of our readers wrote in to share with us that the Singer 20U is, indeed, a high shank machine. It requires the RWA-5 high shank foot. She knows this because she owns the machine. (Our readers are the best!) You can read about it here on our page, Problems installing my walking foot. The page also provides some troubleshooting advice if you do have the right foot but it's not seated properly.

Jenny, I hope this information helps!


Julie Baird

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