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Quilting Foot - Which one do I need?

by anonymous

What is the best type of machine quilt presser foot to use for "stitch in the ditch"? I bought a "Big Foot" but couldn't figure out how to install it on my machine.

Would a walking foot be a better choice for this type of quilting?


You are absolutely correct!
An open toe walking foot

The foot you need for "stitch in the ditch" quilting is an even feed or walking foot. It can go by either name.

When you visit your sewing machine dealer, you'll need to have the model number handy to get the proper foot. It's also helpful to know what type of shank your machine has (high, low or slant) just in case only a "generic" version of the foot is available for your machine. That information will be in your instruction manual.

If at all possible, I recommend you get an "open toe" walking foot. There is no bridge between the "toes" of this foot which means there nothing between your eyes and where the needle is piercing the fabric (in the ditch).

The "Big Foot" you mention is a "giant" darning foot for free motion quilting with feed dogs dropped.

Regarding its the top of this foot is a "finger". That finger rests on top of the needle screw so that the foot will "hop" as you stitch. The foot fits any machine that can use low-shank generic feet.

If you have a Bernina sewing machine, you may find you also need a Bernina long-shank adapter. Check the instructions that came with the foot. The specific information should be in there.

I hope I've been able to answer your question.

Thank you for visiting Generations Quilt Patterns and contributing to the Machine Quilting Forum!


Julie Baird

Comments for Quilting Foot - Which one do I need?

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Pfaff ITD
by: Laura

I have a QE 4.2 and don't like the results I get when machine quilting. The ITD is supposed to act the same as a walking foot, but it's not as good as the Bernina I used for 21 years--I went through 4 walking feet over that time but got great results. I can find no attachments made by Pfaff; do you have any suggestions to improve performance of the ITD?

I do a lot of free-motion, and am reasonably pleased with the Pfaff in that regard.

IDT pfaff
by: Frenchtarte

Five years ago, I bought a Quilting Expression, Pfaff, scared to use it for six just looked at me, twelve full sized quilts later, at least, the same baby quilts, cushions, table runners etc, etc, I have mastered dropping the feed dogs, invisible thread, embroidery with beautiful silk is the best piece of kit I have ever owned, runs like a dream, in case of fire I would grab it first!

I would urge anyone who is thinking about buying one, I know they are expensive, to take the plunge, I have spent so many hours of pleasure and look forward to many more, thank you, Pfaff....

From the Editor: Frenchtarte, it does my heart good to read about someone who truly loves their machine. I hope you don't mind, I bolded some of your text above so that others don't miss it!

I'm happy for you!


Julie Baird

Problem with a walking foot
by: Anonymous

Please help me to figure out why I cannot get my walking foot to work on the Singer machine I have. I attached it but when I lower the lever on the pressure foot, there is about 1/8 inch or slightly more between the foot and the fabric.

What should I do now?

Thank you!

EDITOR'S NOTE: I have moved this question to its own page at "Problems Installing My Walking Foot" so that it's easier for you to find this information! --Julie Baird, Editor

Edge Joining Foot for Stitch-In-the-Ditch
by: Julie

Dear Kristine...

Do you have any problems with puckering when you use this foot?

I know Pfaff sewing machines have a built in walking foot (it's called IDT, I think) and I'm sure it'd work FABULOUS on a Pfaff.

I've got a Viking with a sensor foot. I had been told I wouldn't need a walking foot for quilting by the dealer, but I didn't like the results without one.

Do you make any adjustments to the presser foot pressure on your machine? What kind do you have?

Thanks for the additional information.

Quilters like you make working on this website fun!

Thank you!

Julie Baird

Stitch-in-the-ditch foot
by: Kristine

I have excellent luck using an edge joining foot for stitch-in-the-ditch. The guide is directly in front of the needle and slides easily in the 'ditch'.

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