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Loose chalk for marking a quilt

by Shirley

I am considering using loose chalk with a sponge brush to mark my quilt for machine quilting. Is this a good idea?


Test, test and test again is the best advice I can give.

If the chalk is meant for fabrics, carefully follow the manufacturer's directions for application and removal, paying special attention to both whether or not you can/should use heat to remove the chalk and whether or not you'll need water to remove the marks completely.

Testing on your own fabric and batting choices will help you know for sure.

Testing may make me sound like a 'nervous Nellie' and for that I apologize, but...

...I have received so many questions over this past year about how to remove stubborn chalk marks. The colored chalks are the culprits. (I haven't had a single complaint this past year about white chalk, but I'd test it, too, just to be on the safe side. You put so much time and effort into a quilt...not to mention money.)

On the flip side, I do like to use chalk to mark my quilts if I'm marking after basting. I have not had any problems removing the Bohin Mechanical Chalk Pencil (and I love this product)...but I stick to white.

If the loose chalk is intended for quilts, you may find that a light 'spray' of hair spray will make the chalk last longer during the quilting process. Use a light touch and remember that you'll want to remove the hairspray by washing.

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Thank you.


Julie Baird

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