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by Carol Hancuh
(Eagan, Mn.)

MY sister-in-law lives in Galveston,Texas and asked me to make a quilt for the Galveston County Salvation Army silent auction which will be held in Galveston ths coming Wednesday, April 10th, 2013.

I have been making quilts for two years. With an art background I've just switched my media from paint to fabric and I've enjoyed creating art quilts since.

I asked Mary what she thought of when she thinks of Galveston and she said, "...the gulf, sun, sand, palm trees, pelicans...". That was my starting off point.

The sun was easy compared to the rest. I wasn't sure how to make the gulf really look like wavy water until I found the costume fabric that is almost transparent, glistens, and is wrinkly. Perfect!

Next was the perspective which brought me to a picture of someone sitting on the balcony. Galveston has several posh hotels across the road from the beach, so it was easy to believe this could be someone on one of those balconies.

Not to distract from the waves, I used invisible thread to sew the water and for quilting.

The quilt was sent off to Mary in Galveston this week. Hopefully it will bring lots of money to the Salvation Army.

This quilt is an original, created and quilted by Carol Hancuh.

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Apr 30, 2013
by: Carol Hancuh

The quilt, Galveston, sold at the silent auction for the Salvation Army of Galveston County (Texas) for $550.

Apr 14, 2013
It is Fantastic!
by: Anonymous

I totally love your quilt! I was thinking it'd be great if the city of Galveston saw it, it'd make a great cover for tourist information because it captures the feeling of the shore so well!

Great job!

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