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Birthday Block

by Toni G
(Texas Hill Country)

Our Quilt Group decided to do Birthday Blocks this year. I'd not heard of this before, and have discovered it's a lot more complicated than first explained. It's not hard to find a 12" block, but how to find one that showcases a featured fabric AND uses less than a Fat Eighth?

I scratched my head and searched the internet and saw a glimmer of hope when I found the Honeymoon Block.

Your step-by-step tutorial was magic! Until I accidentally cut a block 6 1/4 inches square instead of 6 3/4! And then I realized that I was creating QSTs that had one different fabric in one triangle! Eeep! It all worked out in the end and I wanted to thank you for your time and trouble. :)

From the Editor: First of all, Toni, I want to congratulate your pushing through when you came up against a problem. It's not always easy, not always fun, but we humans learn most from our mistakes. Always.

I am humbled and thrilled at the same time that information from this site was of help to you. That's exactly why I do it!

To know that it's doing what I intended is a gift. And I thank you for it!

Thank you for writing. Now get back to quilting! I bet you've already got your next one percolating in your head. Right?


Julie Baird

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