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Bella’s Quilt

by Jennifer P
(Durham NC USA)

Bella's Quilt

Bella's Quilt

This is my first bed sized quilt, 74”x74”. I designed it myself, and it includes 85 blocks set on point with solid black filling in the side triangles. The prints are from 2 Jelly Rolls of batik fabric.

It’s backed and bound with 'solid' color batik fabric.

I also machine quilted it myself with long diagonal seams echoing the joining of the blocks. (A suggestion from your website that we should quilt our own work, so our quilting skills keep up with our piecing skills helped me power through!)

It was made as a gift to my daughter for her 8th grade graduation. It was vastly delayed due to the pandemic and loss of space to work.

PS I’m a big ‘fan’ of your website and really love all the block patterns, paper templates and useful tips. It was a BIG help in the completion of this project (and the numerous blocks awaiting their owner quilt as well.)

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