Applique and pre-quilted fabric

by Eunice
(DeLand, Florida)

At this stage in my life, I do not intend to purchase any type of long arm quilter, or even a new machine.

However, I do still enjoy applique quilting. Is it possible to purchase (anywhere) pre-quilted fabric beyond the traditional grid quilted material?

Would it be advisable (inadvisable) to applique over the re-quilted fabric even is available?

Thank you for any advice.



Hi Eunice!

I have only seen the pre-quilted fabric in a grid pattern and nothing else.

As for appliqueing over this type of fabric, for me, I wouldn't.

I would be concerned that over time the quilting behind the appliqued shape would show through. If the quilt was laundered with any frequency I think this 'show-through' would happen faster because of the abrasion that happens during washing.

I could be wrong because I've never done this, so...

Readers, if you've appliqued over quilted yardage would you be so kind as to share your results with us. Just use the comments link below.

If you've found quilted fabric with a pattern other than a grid, where did you find it?

Thank for taking your time from quilting to share with us!

Eunice, thank you for your question.


Julie Baird

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by: Carol - Midlothian, Va

Good Morning Eunice,

I have done prequilting on my long arm to plain fabrics. It's easy on my long arm. So maybe you could find a local quilter to do that, and then they can go back after you have appliqued and enhance your applique. If you don't know anyone locally, I'd be happy to help you.

If it is an all over design I can use the computer to generate the quilting and the cost is very little compared to ornate designs.

If then you want more specific quilting, you can return it to me and I can highlight your appliqued designs so that they pop and are secured into the whole of the quilt. Again the cost would be less because the quilting isn't all that detailed, so to speak. Anyway, if you want to contact me, you are welcome to do so if you are interested. Carol Mitchell


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