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Who makes quilts for public to buy


I have two boys that are growing fast. My wife said to me the other day she'd would like to take a couple pieces of their clothing and have a quilt made from them...

My question is where can I get this done and price...?




Hi Randall!

I recommend that you contact a quilt store close to where you live. If there's someone in the area who does this type of commission quilt, they will know and may even have business cards handy for you.

If that doesn't work, then contact a quilt guild in your area. One of the members may do this work or someone from the guild will know who does.

I've got pages on the website to find both and you can find them here...

Scroll down a bit on each page and you'll come to the links to the various states and countries.

I hope this helps you find someone who can make these's a terrific idea!

Readers, if you do this kind of work or know someone who does, please share that information using the 'comments' link below. Thank you!


Julie Baird

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Check on Etsy
by: Anonymous

If you haven't already found someone, try looking on They have several shops on there that will make them.

I do memory quilts for the public...
by: Donna McCormack

I have made several memory quilts for the public out of personal clothing. Some out of t-shirts, some out of baby clothing, and a lot out of fabric from a loved one that has passed. I do a LOT of these projects strictly by mail. I furnish solid color backing and the batting. Price is directly related to size.

Turn around time is usually dependent upon the time of the year. I have a FaceBook page... McCormack's Affordable Quilting... and you are welcome to go view my work, my reviews and all about me.

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