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Which quilting machine should I purchase?

by Margaret

I want to add a new machine that is a good quilting machine, not a long arm.

I need space to free motion quilt large quilts.

I am looking at a Brother PQ1500S and Juki TL 2010Q. Do you have a suggestion as to which is better?

The price range of these two are in reach.



I'm going to open this one up to our readers.

I haven't personally bought a sewing machine since 2000 (and inherited a terrific one that does almost everything BUT wash clothes and do dishes!).

In the meantime I suggest you peruse our Besting Sewing Machine for Quilting to help you consider some of the features you may want for quilting.

Obviously the larger the space under the arm, the more advantageous it is for free motion quilting. Needle stop down and speed control are the other two biggies, in my humble opinion.

Readers, your thoughts and suggestions are most welcome! Just use the 'comments' link to share them. Thank you.


Julie Baird
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Brother PQ1500s
by: Margaret

I purchased a Brother PQ1500s for fmq a year and a half ago. I LOVE this machine. Free motion quilting with it is great the machine just humms along. It is very quiet. I did have a learning curve with choosing the right thread and tension. I make a lot of t-shirt quilts and using the correct thread makes all the difference. I also make bears and it sews through thick fabric and jeans like butter.

Hope this helps.

Good luck.

Juki machine!
by: Anonymous

I have a Juki TL98Q (the older version of the one you are looking at) and LOVE it. It has plenty of throat space (it is a mid-arm machine) for quilting.

I'm learning to free motion quilt right now and am enjoying the freedom of stitching with it. I love the speed and simplicity of the machine. It runs smoothly and well. It is a great machine for piecing as well as home sewing (I've made curtains, duvet covers, etc.).

It is a very sturdy, semi-industrial machine.


Get the largest harp space you can
by: Sherry V.


I have a Juki short-arm quilting machine and love it. But, having said that I have to admit that I wish I had purchased a mid-arm machine instead.

My main concern is that the short-arm is very limiting in the amount of space you have to actually quilt --- and that space gets smaller as the roll the quilted section through to the take up bar.

If you are only making smaller quilts (and table runners, etc.) you should be very happy with the short-arm.

Should you begin to work on larger quilts (and I'm talking about quilts beyond 50" long) you will find yourself very limited --- unless you quilt 1/2 of the quilt and then flip the quilt and do the other half.

I'm saving right now so that I can go up to a mid-arm. . . .and wish I had done that originally.

Good luck with whatever you choose!

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