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When is a quilt overdue?

by Anne

I offered to make a relative a quilt for their wedding and asked that they specify colors at least eight months prior to the wedding since I work full-time and go to school part-time.

I received their color choices three months before the wedding date.

The couple seemed surprised that the quilt wasn't done for the wedding and are now making comments to other relatives that it's not done yet and have started a pool as to when the quilt will be done. By the way this is a 10-piece set I'm making including 4 pillows w/shams, bed skirt, and 3 decorative pillows. At what point is the quilt overdue?


I did a little checking and found that 'proper etiquette' is to have the gift delivered to the couple anywhere from before the actual wedding to up to one year afterward. Most indicated up to one year. (Now I have to admit, that did surprise me, that seemed a long time.)

May I gently suggest to you to finish the gifts promptly in order to get it off of your 'mental to-do list'. I can only imagine that the 'pool' has sort of sucked the fun out of working on the project for you and, in my opinion, is in very poor taste. But I'd like to you remember that their actions say much more about them than about you.

A quilt, and a whole coordinating set to boot, is such a thoughtful gift for newlyweds. That you asked for their choices on colors shows how much you wanted to make the gift personal to them. That was very considerate.

But again, finish it as soon as you can (I think your eight month plan to begin with was a good one) so you can move onto happier projects.

It's a dear person that will take the time, creative energy and money to create a personalized gift for someone else to mark a special occasion. The gift represents all sorts of good feelings and wishes for the recipient the maker has during its construction. My wish is that this continues to be the case for you as you complete this most thoughtful of gifts.


Julie Baird

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