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Viking #1+

by Lillian

This machine is amazing. Had it for 16 years. Never needed service, never refused to sew what I wanted.

Incredibly reliable.

With routine maintenance it has given me amazing service. When my mother passed I got her Bernina 820. That machine is bad news!

It is in the shop more often than on the sewing table. I will NEVER trade or give away my #1+. Best thing viking ever made. Best money I ever spent.

From the Editor: I TOTALLY agree with you, Lillian!

My Viking #1+ was my first computerized machine back in 1992. It is an amazing workhorse. Didn't trade it in when I got my D1 and then my SE because it's just so perfect.

I can't tell you how many Criswell Embroidery Snowflakes I've made on it, too. Every year during the Christmas season, I set it up at the kitchen table. It embroiders the stand-alone lace ornaments while I bake the Christmas cookies. That's my favorite kind of 'multi-tasking'! :)

So glad to read you've had the same wonderful experience with it!

~ Julie Baird

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Aug 18, 2019
Servicing tne Viking #1+
by: Keli

My #1+ is running great but the dealer said it should be serviced every year is this true?

From the Editor:

Personally, I think this is a great idea. Your machine can accumulate a lot of 'gunk'—lint, stray threads, fiber and lubricant—back in areas that you just can't reach with a brush or small vacuum.

Do I get my own in every 12 months?


I've finally started leaving a Post-It note in my machine to remind me because otherwise, I forget.

~ Julie

Mar 07, 2019
by: Barbara

I have three Viking #1+ machines, all purchased within the last couple of years. Love them. I got the first one at an estate sale for $400, lots of goodies and the 2nd and 3rd were from a dealer for $100 and $80 each. Loved the first one so much I had to get the others. I use them for mostly piecing quilt tops. Have newer embroidery machines so have not tried the embroidery with them yet. Will always buy another #1+ when I find it. Just in case.

Nov 22, 2016
Husqvarna 1+
by: Ana

I have to agree about the quality of the Husqvarna 1+ Had mine since 1996 and it still sews like a dream with any type of fabric. I'm not parting with it!! I now have a Babylock Ellegante which is a dream machine also but for me the 1+ was and is still one of the best machines ever made.

Jan 08, 2016
Walking foot
by: Jeanette

I also love my #1, but my walking foot broke and I cannot find another. They are no longer available. Any suggestions?
I'm thinking of getting a sapphire 960, but if I can get a new walking foot, I may wait awhile for a new purchase.

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