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Using quilting paper with the feed dogs up

by Margaret Munro
(Inverness, Scotland)

Golden Threads quilting paper

Golden Threads quilting paper

Can I use quilting paper with my feed dogs raised?


Hi Margaret!

I'm assuming you're talking about a quilting paper like that made by Golden Threads (shown above). I'm also assuming you'll be using your walking foot. If so, then yes, you certainly can.

I've found that using Flower Head Pins (shown to the right) to hold the paper in place works best for me. I had previously used KK2000, a temporary spray adhesive, but found that it was harder to remove the paper right after stitching. You can read more about it here at How to adhere quilting paper to my quilt sandwich.

I suggest practicing on a small quilt sandwich made from leftover scraps from your quilt.

You may need to adjust the presser foot pressure--this testing will tell for sure and by how much up or down. You may also want to slow your sewing speed to minimize slipping or tearing of the paper as you stitch.

Remember, that with your walking foot installed, you won't be quilting feathered wreaths or other intricate designs. This is simply because you can't be turning a whole quilt underneath the needle. These types of designs should be free motion quilted...and you can most certainly use quilting paper for those patterns.

Look for designs with gently curving lines like that of a cable pattern. The paper will be easier to remove from this type of design, too.

Thank you for your question.


Julie Baird

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