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Tripping Around the World!

by SueJean
(Dot Lake, Alaska, USA)

Tripping Around The World

Tripping Around The World

This is my 18th quilt finished in Dec. 2016.

I fell in love with this pattern on sight and dropped everything else I was doing to make it. The entire quilt took a little over two weeks.
I didn't plan the colors. I just grabbed whatever fabric that seemed there would be enough to make the quilt. (I still don't have a grasp of needing to figure out a 1/4 yd of this or 2 yds of that.)

There are 8 different fabrics and 3 of them are predominantly blue giving the quilt an overall "blueness" (by accident). The pattern I used is done bargello style with long strips. Very easy! Very fun! Can be confusing.

I cut the fabric in 3" strips (WOF) and a single block finished at almost 20". The 16 blocks total gave me a square quilt that's 80" x 80" and I added the traditional center strips to finish out the circles. The quilt is a perfect square because when I fold it, the orange sun at the center always ends up at the corner. (This amazes me because I'm pretty laid back about squaring things up.)

The back was pieced from the leftover fabric and some orphan blocks. I divided the quilt into four quadrants and pieced it in four large blocks before joining it all together. I had to make some mends along the edges because I had trouble lining the back up with the front, but they don't make any difference in the end cause the back is basically a jumble anyway.

The binding is also made from the project scraps so it blends in just fine. I highly recommend finding a pattern and trying this one. I hope to make more of these in the future with more color planning.

It's a beautiful, fun pattern!

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