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Tipping machine quilters

by Fran
(Temple TX)

Do you tip professional machine quilters?

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tipping quilters
by: Linda W

We are having a quilter do a quilt of ours for the first time and from the beginning on...I have always thought if she does a good job and we really like it...we would tip her.

It IS a service but takes time and not all is done by machine.

I guess I am from an old mentality that you tip people that do stuff for you.

No not yet........
by: Anonymous

So far I haven't tipped. But one day I started thinking that maybe machine quilting is a 'service' and for most services one does tip. I thought I'd see what others think......if there is a consensus about what is 'right' to do. Obviously people can tip if they want to though whatever anyone else does.

I don't tip, do you?
by: Darlene

I figure my continued use of their service is the best thing I can do for them. And recommending them to other quilters.

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