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Thread for Hand Quilting

If I have regular thread the color I need. Can I use to hand quilt?


If it is a good quality thread, one that won't shred or break on you as you hand quilt, then by all means go ahead and use it.

My experience with hand quilting is limited, but I have hand quilted and finished one whole quilt. If it weren't for the lack of time, I'd do more, as it is very relaxing.

There are threads made specially for hand quilting. They are labelled as such in the store. What makes them different from regular quilting thread is that a glaze has been applied to the thread to help keep it from tangling as you quilt.

This thread IS NOT for use in your sewing machine, as the glaze would 'gunk' up your machine's inner workings.

Thread Heaven

There is also a product called 'Thread Heaven'. This is a thread conditioner that also helps prevent tangles. I use it regularly for hand applique.

Remember to cut your thread lengths about 18" or so long. That will also help to minimize breakage. Move the eye of the needle along the thread so that it doesn't wear out a spot and cause shredding. But most of all...

...Enjoy your hand quilting!


Julie Baird

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