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Sousa's Quilting Party

by Andrea Harles
(Washington DC)

Sousa's Quilting Party

Sousa's Quilting Party

Our church based quilting group produces a quilt each year to support outreach efforts.

John Philip Sousa had a long time association with our church. In researching Sousa, I discovered that he wrote a march called "The Quilting Party." So we decided to use Sousa's marches as a theme for this year's quilt.

The stars are all traditional quilt blocks which relate directly or loosely to a Sousa march. The center star is the "Marine Star" and relates to the march, Semper Fidelis. The star above it is the "Striped Star" and relates to Stars and Stripes Forever. The lower left star is the "Martha Washington" star and we associated it with the Washington Post March.

We are a group of quilters who have been designing, creating and quilting for 30 years. We are church based, but half of us are friends in our Washington DC, Capitol Hill community.

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Jun 15, 2010
by: Andrea L. Harles

Just looked at the posting, and realized that I had hung the quilt upside down (although that only exists in my mind and description). So the Striped Star is below not above, and Martha Washington is above right not lower left.

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