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Show Me the Road to Timbuktu....a pictorial quilt

Show me the road to Timbuktu, <br />Take my hand and let us go

Show me the road to Timbuktu,
Take my hand and let us go

Fun! Fun! Fun! Fun! Fun!

This pictorial quilt just grabbed me as I roamed the exhibits of the Spring Quilt Market in Minneapolis this year.

It just exudes joyous-ness!

I don't know if it's the colors, the artwork, whatever it is, this art quilt just pulled me in.

Bodil Gardner, the quilt artist, describes this quilt as...

"...Two young people embarking on one of life's great adventures. Optimistic, perhaps a little apprehensive of what we may think or say, of what will happen. We wish them good luck and happiness!"

In searching out Bodil to ask for permission to display this quilt (which she graciously gave) I happened upon her website in Denmark.

If you like this quilt, you're in for a treat.

Her website Bodil's Patchwork Pictures is a veritable feast for the eyes. Check out her "Technique" page...there's another fabulous quilt tucked away there, too!

Thank you, Bodil, for sharing!

Julie Baird
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Aug 27, 2016
Interesting Fiber Art
by: Mary Jane Lamphier

I enjoyed your quilted Art pieces very much.
They have inspired me to do more with human subjects.

I wrote two books in the 1980s Patchwork Plus and Pieceable Kingdom. Both books have a couple picture of applique, embroidery and quilting. I have not written any more books but continue to make quilted pictures of scenes and landscapes.

Thank you for sharing.

Jul 09, 2012
Color! Color! Color!
by: Gina

I checked out Bodil's website. I love color and her quilts are soooooo colorful. I'm gobsmacked.

From the Editor: Hi Gina! I'm American and luckily have a couple of English friends through my website building. 'Gobsmacked' it the PERFECT word! I love her quilts, too, and was so glad that she has shared one here. I'm gobsmacked, too! ~ Julie

Dec 14, 2010
by: Anonymous

I love Bodil's fun use of color and m-provisational style. She's not afraid to HANG LOOSE as the HIPPIES would phrase it. I love her work.

Jun 30, 2010
Creating Figurative Quilts
by: Linda

I just had to check out Bodil's website, and yes her quilts are art! She seems to question that. I thought I would just give a quick look at her site, but got lost in her galleries.

Her directions on how she creative her figurative quilts was helpful. I might try a small square first!

Jun 01, 2010
by: Judy Cozon

Bodil, your work is fantastic - very inspiring - it is wonderful to have the courage and determination to be so creative!

May 31, 2010
by: Emily

You're right! This IS a fun quilt.

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