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Should I wait to start the baby quilt?

by Julie Barkley

Julie writes to ask...

I have a niece who's due in August and had an ultrasound saying the baby is possibly a boy but they're not completely sure. She will not have another ultrasound for a couple of more month.

Should I go ahead and make a baby quilt with the boy colors or should I wait to start it, or make one that could be for a boy or a girl?

Julie replies...

First of all, Congratulations! on the upcoming addition to your family. The birth of a baby is always a special time.

If it was me...and I have the time right now...I'd go ahead and make a quilt that could be for either a boy or girl.

Stuff happens. And the time you think you will have later might be taken with up with something else. Lately, I barely get a chance to dust my sewing machine, let alone spend hours sewing.

Plus I know from my own personal experience that the ultrasound tech doesn't always get it right.

My daughter never got into the proper position. The tech 'was pretty sure' it was a boy...but not 100%...and I was totally surprised when she was born (and over the moon!)

May I suggest a 'neither-boy-nor-girl-pattern' called 'Chubby Chicks', pictured just below.

Chubby Chicks quilt pattern by Black Mountain Quilts

This pattern was designed by Teri Christopherson of Black Mountain Quilts.

To see and/or purchase more of Teri's wonderful patterns (and I say that as a satisfied owner of several of them) you can visit her website at

One of my girlfriends made this quilt for a new baby in the family...but DRATS! The quilt was sent before a picture was taken of it. Everyone at my bee just oohed and aahed over it! It's been a favorite at the local quilt store ever since.

No pink.

No blue.

Just a fabulously fun and happy quilt!

I hope this helps with your planning. Wishing a happy and healthy baby for your family!


Julie Baird

P.S. Yes, those chicks are can use fusible or as my friend did use the invisible machine applique technique I've got on this website. Worked like a dream!

P.S.S. Oops! Almost forgot! Remember, you don't have to make just one baby quilt...they're a great excuse to play with some really happy fabrics!

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by: Julie B.

That's so cute of a quilt! I am really getting into owls this year too and think I want to make one with a sleepy owl on it!

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