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Shimmering Symphony: A quilt by Karlee Porter

by Samara
(Charlotte, NC USA)

Look for the crafter to purchase this quilt for my aunt who is ninety years old.

Phone: 803-233-2665
Name: Samara

From the Editor:

Hi Samara!

I know this quilt!

It's Shimmering Symphony by Karlee Porter (the author of Graphitti Quilting. There's a Vol. 1 and a Volume several coloring books.

You can learn more about her quilt here.

Unfortunately in that article she details all that went into making it and figures that it'd be about $3,800 to sell.

But being a very smart woman, she's come up with a couple of options that are way less expensive for those who are interested.

Thanks for asking the question. It is a wonderful quilt by a equally wonderful gal!


Julie Baird

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This post contains affiliate links.

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