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Pfaff Tiptronic 6270

by Esther
(Hayden, Alabama)

A workhorse! Of course I'd like a bigger throat, but other than that, I'll keep this one a long, long time.

From the Editor: I love it when I hear that someone is so happy with their sewing machine. I love mine, too, and can't imagine quilting on a machine I didn't like.

Do you use the straight stitch, stitch in the ditch specialty foot? I wish my machine had the built in walking foot capability (IDT) like Pfaff does. A couple of my quilting friends have Pfaffs and love it not just for quilting, but for piecing, too!

In fact, one of my girlfriends traded in her old Pfaff (that she loved) when she got a newer model with embroidery function. Never used the embroidery to the best of my knowledge, but eventually bought another of the same model as she had traded in...because she missed the old machine so much.

Thanks for sharing!


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Dec 19, 2022
Tiptronic user guide
by: Julie

Does this help?

It was on the Pfaff website here:



Dec 18, 2022
hard copy of 6270 user manual
by: Anonymous

Does anyone know where I can get a hard copy of the user manual? Preferably spiral bound like the original.

Nov 06, 2021
FM Foot
by: Res

Yes, mine came with a free motion foot.

Jul 05, 2021
the 6270
by: Teresa

This machine is sounding amazing... my babylock is in the shop for 2 months - I need to get my grandaughters quilt finished by Sept... I saw an ad for the Pfaff Tiptronic 6270 so started thinking about getting it. Does anyone know if you can get a free motion foot for it?

Jan 18, 2021
Thank you!
by: Anonymous

I want to thank you for having this post! My mom passed away in 2012, and I inherited her Pfaff 6270 (along with her fabric stash!). It came with the manual, and with that and youtube last fall I started slowly teaching myself to sew and piece....but hadn't made a quilt with batting.

I decided to tackle that this week, and was trying to figure out if I needed a walking foot. I found two, but they were both Kenmore and packed away (she also had a Kenmore which I inherited, too), which made me think I must not have found the one for the Pfaff.

Sounds like it is built-in on the 6270, so that's wonderful!

Any hints for free-motion quilting with the 6270?

May 07, 2020
Best machine ever
by: Cindy

I bought my Pfaff Tiptronic 6270 new in 1999 I believe.

I have purchased a Brother embroidery/sewing machine which I really like, but I just keep coming back to my wonderful Pfaff. I keep having it serviced and it runs and sews so beautifully. The built-in walking foot is a dream.

Hopefully, it lasts me forever!

From the Editor:

I hear you, Cindy. While I'm a Viking/Juki gal myself, one of my girlfriends traded in her reliable Pfaff several years ago for one(a Pfaff) with all the bells and whistles. She's regretted it ever since.

A reliable machine is worth its weight in gold!


Julie Baird

Apr 27, 2020
by: Tracy

Thread not connecting in fabric. And top thread keeps breaking.

From the Editor:

Hi Tracy.

If the threads don't connect to form a stitch, that means that the timing is off, i.e. they're not getting there at the same time to cross.

If it's your machine's timing, then that means a trip to the repair shop.

However, try these first.

1. Re-install your fact, use a new needle...making sure that it is inserted all the way into your machine.

2. If you're doing a straight stitch, needle centered, then try your straight stitch throatplate. It has a small hole instead of the oval hole where the needle goes. Sometimes your fabric gets pushed down into your machine when you use the oval or zigzag stitch throatplate. That can mess with your timing.

3. Check that your needle thread isn't wrapped around something extra (like the spool pin) as it goes through the machine. That would add extra tension and possibly cause the thread breaks.

If none of these help, I'd recommend taking it into your dealer for a fix.

I hope this helps.



Mar 10, 2019
Another Huge 6270 Fan
by: Anonymous

I bought my 6270 new in (I think) 1996, and absolutely love this "work horse"! 3 years ago I splurged and bought a Quilt Expression 4.2. It is computerized, and is fantastic. However it does not have the piercing power of the 6270 over several thicknesses of fabric and batting for craft sewing.

If I am ever forced to choose one or the other because of downsizing our living quarters, it would be a very hard decision!!

Apr 04, 2018
by: Anonymous

The reason all other machines don't have an IDT system is because it was patented. It has finally expired and Bernina, for one, now offers it on their new machines.

Oct 23, 2017
Walking foot?
by: Julie

Does the pfaff tiptronic 6270 have an inbuilt walking foot?
I am new to Pfaff and have seen a good second hand one for $395.00 Aust. $$
Thank you 😊

May 25, 2016
Love my Tiptonic!
by: Anonymous

I have had it for 20 years I think. Made hundreds of items and had zero issues.

I am thinking of getting another machine specifically for quilting and will try and go Pfaff again...thinking the QE 4.2 will be a nice addition!

Feb 06, 2016
Excellent machine
by: Grace A.

I have had my 6270 Pfaff since it first came out! LOVE,LOVE this machine! It is so well built and a real work horse! I have quilted so many projects on it!I had my motherboard replaced 18 months ago and so glad I was able to have it repaired!

I was not impressed with the newer Pfaff sewing machines on the market and the prices!!

I will keep my 6270 until it dies!!!!!

Jul 25, 2015
Best purchase ever !!
by: Barbara

I purchased my Pfaff Tiptronic 6270 in 1999 for $2,400 (NZ dollars)the best machine I ever bought.

Between us my Hubby and I have the use of SIX different machines, him for sail making and me for quilting. Pfaff every time - love the Walking Foot.
I quilt most days (am retired)and always clean/oil the throat plate/feed dogs area at least once a week. Easy fun machine to use and portable enough to take to monthly quilt meetings.

Oct 02, 2013
My Pfaff Triptonic 6270
by: Carole

It was interesting to hear others call it a "Workhorse", thought it was just me. I also have the Babylock Ellego nice for embroidery but would never give up the "Workhorse".

Can't figure out why all machines don't have the built in walking foot???

I would really like a stitch regulator for this machine. Don't want to trade it in for another
and pay an arm and leg for it or my FIRST BORN.

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