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Pfaff Quilt Expressions 4.0

by AdrienneW
(Murphysboro, IL)

What do you like about it?

Large throat. Not long-arm-large but adequate.

What don't you like?

About EVERYTHING else.

How was the service?

The service was so bad that we now no longer use the shop within reasonable driving distance, but go several hours west of here to an independent shop with some clues about how to treat customers.

Was there an education class? How was it?

I wouldn't call it a class. It was mostly a "you need XYZ attachment, for $49.95!" sales pitch.

Were there any surprises after you bought it?

Oh, Yeah.


We THOUGHT Pfaff was still made in Germany when we bought this piece of manure. Nope. It's MADE IN CHINA. BADLY.

We are about to pay for the FIFTH TENSION UNIT to be replaced.

Nobody can figure out why they keep blowing out. And they ain't cheap. I will be sewing along, and all of the sudden, right in the middle of a seam the whole thing jams and there is a birds-nest of top and bobbin thread jammed inside. I keep it scrupulously clean since it will puke in seconds if there is so much as a tiny piece of fuzz in the bobbin-carrier area.

Would you recommend the same model to your best friend?

I wouldn't recommend this candidate-for-lemonade to MY WORST ENEMY!!

Why or why not?

It was over-priced at the start and we have had to put about 30 percent MORE money into it for repairs, starting almost immediately. "No, that's not covered under warranty" got to be a song we could sing in our sleep.

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Sep 17, 2018
by: Anonymous

Thank you for taking the time to write up your experience. It's valuable information and was also (bonus!) amusing.

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