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Pfaff Performance Icon


I was so excited about this machine, but that changed quickly.

First, I’ve been using Pfaff machines for 28 years. I own 4 of them.

When I saw the Icon and what it could do, I was hooked.

Took it home, sewed a couple of months on it (50 hours according to my service record).

Pfaff Performance Icon sewing machine
Pfaff Performance Icon

It would not consistently release the tension when the presser foot was up, but the biggest problem was skipping stitches.

There was inconsistent stitch length, too. The stitches looked good but varied widely, especially when quilting (not FMQ). I had it set at 2.0, they appeared to be a range from 1.0-3.0.

The actual skipped stitches would get worse after about a half-hour of sewing.

I sent it in to be serviced and it was better but still skipping stitches. I tried several high quality threads and needles and saw skipping with all of them.

Took it back to exchange for a new one.

Tried the new one in the store and it skipped 2 stitches in the 1st 8”! Note: I did not purchase a ‘rebox’.

I ended up trading it in on a Bernina, which was more $$$. I haven’t sewn on it much yet but it is definitely quieter and smoother. It doesn’t look as impressive as the Pfaff but it appears to be a quality machine.

I am glad that the dealer stood behind the product and gave me a full trade-in for what I had purchased.

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Jun 28, 2021
Relieved for you!
by: Julie

Wow! Skipped stitches are the worst, aren't they.

My Mom and Grandma both were seamstresses working out of the house when I was little. Both ardent Singer users.

Mom treated herself to a new Golden Touch & Sew sometime in the '70s (if I'm remembering correctly). The machine should have been called the Golden Touch and Won't Sew. There were problems from the start with it. Never sewed correctly the whole time she had it and the dealer wouldn't take it back. We became Viking users after that.

I'm so glad you're dealer stood behind their product.

Back to the sewing machine, now, right?? Here's to no-skipped stitches and a machine you love to use.


Julie Baird

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