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Pfaff Creative Sensation

by Ellen
(New Jersey)

I have both a Creative Sensation and a Sensation Pro II. I am very disappointed in both of these machines and will not buy a Pfaff machine again. I urge everyone to think twice about this.

The Creative Sensation, at a little over 6 years old, now has major screen issues. The screen will suddenly become fluky and look like an old TV, with multicolored bands running across it. The machine sounds like a tank (forget about TV or music while it is embroidering!!). And it is now having continuing problems of one type or another.

The Pro II, which I purchased for our vacation home, is now a little over a year old, has been back to the dealer three times, and I am preparing to take it back again. The problem, again, is the screen. Constantly frozen and totally out of calibration. I am losing patience with it and will probably take a big loss on just trading it in on something else.

I am a weekend and evening sewer, so neither of these machines has been run for long periods of time. And I have been sewing for over 50 years, so I know my way around a machine.

Buyer beware is really true of these new Pfaff Sewing/Embroidery machines. With a price tag over $10,000 for each of the machines, I would have expected better.

This has been a very costly and frustrating experience for me.

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Aug 27, 2021
Pfaff Sensations Pro
by: Anonymous

I have a Sensations Pro and never had any problems with it once I knew how to operate it and the embroidery program. A first OMG seemed like I was never going to embroidery anything but as I got going it makes beautiful embroidery but you have to use the right backing & the right stitch density...

I am sorry to hear you had such difficulty with yours.

Jul 01, 2021
Thanks for the heads up!
by: Anonymous

I was going to bid on a Pfaff Creative Sensations Pro and have decided to walk away based on the comments here! I have 3 vintage Berninas and had always heard good things about Pfaff.

I guess I better stick to Berninas!

May 08, 2021
by: Paula Bingham

I purchased new with all of the Premier software. A ten thousand dollar purchase. Nothing but problems. It had to rest if it could sew at all.

I also wrote PFAFF corporate letters.

The dealer did all he could but did not replace the machine. I was told they were about to quit selling Pfaff if things didn't turn around. They are one of the biggest dealers on the west coast...but crickets.

No help.

They would say it was sewing when it was there but found issues and fixed them. I never had a completed embroidery.

Worst machine EVER.

My mother, sister and I had always bought Pfaffs. None will ever again.

Jun 28, 2019
pfaff screen
by: Kathy Z.

I to have had multiple screen issues with my creative sensation pro.

I had the screen replaced around Oct 2019. January this year it went out again. It was sent back to pfaff (who had it for 3 months). Received it back end of April.

So far it has been in 4 times since then. The latest issue is that the screen freezes and constantly needs to be recalibrated. I, too, have called and emailed pfaff numerous times with no response other than being told to call my dealer and they will handle the problem.

I simply love the IDT. Nothing compares but customer support is so lacking.

I simply do not know where to go from here.

Apr 13, 2019
Pfaff sensation pro screen mystery silver
by: Gail

I own and love and highly recommend a Pfaff Sensation Pro.

My 3rd and best Pfaff. I use it for sewing and embroidery and quilting a lot.

I am commenting on the above strong opinion of the person who experienced a fluky screen like an old TV. My machines screen will act the same when my MAGNETIC PIN CATCHER is within 2 ft of my machine. No problems otherwise.

So please keep those magnetic devices away far away.

Jan 04, 2019
Pfaff Creative Sensation and Pro II
by: Anonymous

Unfortunately, I wrote to the company, both by email and by certified letter. Neither has received the courtesy of a reply.

Unfortunately, there are quite a few dealers who won't even take old Pfaffs on a trade-in. I can estimate I had to spend over $10,000 this year to replace both machines.

I now have 2 Baby Lock machines and am pleased with how well they work. If these machines begin to give me trouble, I will forget embroidery and go back to simple sewing!!!!

From the Editor:


If you are willing to pull the scab off, you might consider filing a Better Business Bureau complaint. A link to start a complaint is here. The only limitation is that is should be from the last 12 months, but it's possible that the machine's warranty will override that.

Have you posted this on the dealer's and manufacturer's Facebook page? It's my experience that sometimes they respond faster to stuff on social media than anything else. That might be an option, too.

$10,000 is a terribly big hole in the budget. I'd hate to see you have to eat the whole thing.


Julie Baird

Jan 02, 2019
Creative sensation pro
by: Anonymous

I too am now hating my machine and want a new machine or my money back. It has been in to dealer at least 3 times. It maybe works 50% of the time. That is only in sewing mode. Forget free motion. I have. My 1999 Bernina, works like a charm.

Who do I contact if the dealer doesn’t finally take this crap back almost 2 years later?

From the Editor: I suggest contacting the company directly with a history of when you've taken it back and what was/wasn't done to correct the problems.

I don't know how much this will help after 2 years, but it is what I'd do for myself.

I wish you luck.


Julie Baird

May 31, 2018
Love Baby Lock
by: Anonymous

I love my Baby Lock and have had several because I traded up, everyone I know that has one loves it.

One of the reasons I love it so much is not only it is so user-friendly but that you can go back to B Sew Inn and take the classes for your machine as many times as you want and as long as you have that machine.

Thank you Baby Lock!!!

May 28, 2018
Buy a Brother
by: Anonymous

I feel for you. For your next one, the machine embroiderers in our guild say that Brother is best.

May 28, 2018
Pfaff machines
by: Anonymous

I own several older Pfaffs, all ranging from 2030-2048. These older machines work great and none have had problems.

Every since Pfaff was purchased by SVP Worldwide, the brand has floundered. I have purchased 2 of these newer machines, the most recent of which was the Pfaff Creative Sensation. Total waste of money. I tried to work with it for 2 years and finally traded it in for a different brand.

I won't ever buy a Pfaff again.

May 28, 2018
by: Laura G

So sorry to hear of your frustration.

I sew vintage for this reason and enjoy my old Pfaffs and Elnas and Singer 301s. But I don’t do embroidery which I think is the big draw.

Come join the vintage crowd!!

From the Editor: I LOVE your spunky attitude, Laura!

When I bought me latest machine, I had my mind set on one of the mechanical Juki' more motherboards to die on me...but unfortunately they didn't have the feet I use for it...and the pivot feature. Had to be computerized for that... still pining away for a mechanical machine.


Julie Baird

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