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Pfaff 5.2

by Ann
(San Diego, CA)

Disappointed by the new Pfaff machines.

I purchased a new Pfaff 7570 back in 1996. I didn't really use the embroidery and the instruction booklets were frustratingly difficult to understand, but other then I loved that machine! I've sewn everything from car upholstery to leather chaps to my daughter's wedding dress. This machine was pretty much bomb proof and through it all....amazing stitch quality....and the IDT, just fabulous!

Sadly, the 7570 got tired, so about three years ago, I purchased a new Pfaff 3.0.

I used it, I tried to love it but it just wasn't right.

So, I traded up to a Pfaff 5.2.

Again, I used it and I told myself I loved it....but it too, just isn't right.

Lots of little things on the machine just don't work properly and last night the tension went crazy and now I'm going to take it in for service. The more I use it, the more I dislike it. I would like to trade in this Pfaff, but have no idea which machine to replace it with.

I have a Bernina 330, which is just OK. I had a Juki F300...and hated it. I have a BabyLock Enlighten serger which I love, but would I love their sewing machines?

I'm spending a lot of money here and just want a machine I can depend on and love to drive. Is that asking too much?!

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Aug 20, 2018
Janie, no affiliation with any machine
by: Anonymous

The Pfaff at one time was a great company, then they were bought by someone. Not the same at all.

I have been quilting for about 25 years. Have the same Janome machine and my mother's 50 + year old featherweight.

One daughter bought a Bernina $$$ and now can't find attachments.

Good luck on your quest.

Jul 29, 2018
I had the same experience
by: Anonymous

My husband bought me a Pfaff 1222E back in the 1980s and I still have it. I LOVED that machine, and sewed almost daily for years. When I was finally ready to upgrade, I tried Babylock, Janome, and finally ended up with the Creative Sensation with the embroidery unit.

Like you, I was very disappointed.

I used it for a few years, then upgraded to a newer Pfaff Creative and had the same dissatisfactions - poor stitch quality, skipped stitches on heavy fabrics, etc.

I traded it in last year for a Brother Dream Weaver and have been thrilled with it. I did not get the embroidery module. It has sewn purses, quilts, clothing, lightweight fabrics without a problem.

I miss the convenience of the IDT, but have adjusted to using a walking foot when needed.

Take a look at the Brother machines. Take samples of the fabrics you usually sew on to be sure it will function the way you need it to.

Jul 29, 2018
Bernina, Juki, Pfaff
by: Anonymous


Between my sister and I, there have been Bernina 930's, a 180, a 440, four 1130's. She has used three or four Pfaff's, and we both have several featherweights, Singer 301's, 401's, a 403 as well as a Statler long arm, and A-1, and I bought the Innova. In fact, I purchased her 2560 four years ago and loved using it.

My go-to favorites are often the Bernina 1130, 930, and I haven't used my Bernina 440 as much as I would like.

Mostly piecing quilts. I just wanted to comment that three years ago I purchased a Juki 2010 with the newer LED light. No affiliation. I use it mainly to machine quilt spirals because of its larger throat space. You do have to oil it daily. My sister wanted one for paper piecing so I gifted half the cost. She raves about it. Loves it.

Another possibility if you can find a good Singer 301, there is no needle down, but they sew such a beautiful stitch. I also like the 401, 403, or 404. So I guess it depends on what you want it for.

Don't give up. Good luck.

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