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Pennywinkle Quilting Frame - problems quilting circles and curves

by Cindy

On a Pennywinkle frame with a Brother short arm machine, I can't seem to make a smooth curve. My best circle looks kind of like a square with rounded corners!

I have no trouble with straight lines or points where you change direction (like a zigzag pattern).

Is it me or the carriage platform the machine sits on? A question of lubrication?

Forward and back or sideways is easy, but circles or flower petal are my nemesis! Suggestions welcomed.


Hi Cindy!

Intuitively, it sounds like it needs some lubrication, but I'm going to have to turn this over to our readers as I don't quilt on a frame, just my good old (heavy emphasis on old) D1 set into my Tracey's Table sewing machine cabinet.

Readers, if you have experience, I'd be grateful if you share it with Cindy using the 'comments' link just below. Thank you!


Julie Baird

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Tension part
by: Anonymous

What is the $20.00 part to solve tension issues and where can it be purchased?

From the Editor: This is the link to the Sunshine Machine Owners Only FB group. I don't know what the part is, but as the writer below indicated, they may be able to help you there.


Julie Baird

Sunshine 16 & Sunny 24 Owner
by: WyoCarol

Hi, I ran across this post today and I think I have an answer for you and a place to ask any other Pennywinkle machine questions.

Julie, I hope you don't mind this info being shared.

Please feel free to visit our page. Ask to join and either I or Janice will accept you. Our group was started because of a tension issue that we have solved with a $20 part. Some have the Pennywinkle frame and others don't. But I'm sure there is an answer as to why circles are hard to make. Thank you for your time in reading this.

Carol Bryant Admin
Sunshine Machine Owners Only (Facebook)

From the Editor: PERFECT! Thank you, Carol!

~ Julie

needs to be oiled
by: Juanita

Take your carriage with the wheels on it and clean them with some Wd-40 and clean the frame that the carriage sets on with a clean rag and get all the metal shavings off the rails.

Then use the WD-40 on a clean chamois rag and rub gently from end to end of the frame. Place your carriage back on the frame and let it sit overnight to let the oil and cleaned area settle down. In the a.m. use your machine as usual. Remember to clean the wheels good because metal shavings build up over time so clean them at least once a month to keep them working properly.

I have had my Penny Winkle frame over 25 years. still works good and circles and stipples work great for me.

From the Editor: Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us!


Julie Baird

Problems with Curves
by: Tonie in Texas

I've had the same problem also. Has anyone figured out a solution?

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