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Ocean Paradise

by Betty Alofs

Ocean Paradise by Betty Alofs
Ocean Paradise by Betty Alofs

This quilt was made with Jan Krentz’s Fussy Cut Diamond ruler.

The background is all diamonds, and the fish and seaweed are cut from printed fabric. The Jellyfish was made with Angelina fibers and piping cord. Some of the seaweed is made by couching on various yarns and ribbons.

The Starfish is a sketched image I made. The quilt was made as a whole piece, and after quilting I cut it into 3 panels and bound each one.

Editor's Note:

The picture above is as large as I can make it. However, Betty was kind enough to email the original photo and we have several detail pictures...

Close up of
center panel
Fish and couched
Close Up Right Panel
Fish and couched
Close Up Left Panel

To see more of Betty's beautiful work, be sure to visit her website at: Betty A's Designs - Quilt Designs/Instruction.

Betty, thank you so much for sharing your quilts with us!


Julie Baird

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Mar 06, 2016
by: Lori Woodel

I've had Jan Krantz's books and rulers for a few months and have planned to make a reef quilt with sea turtles. I think you've given me the perfect inspiration to finally get my creative juices flowing sufficiently enough to get me off my butt and start cutting up fabric. Thank you for sharing!!!!

Jan 02, 2012
by: Colleen

This is truly a work of superb art! Magnificent!

Jul 22, 2011
by: Laurie

I am a beginning quilter and hope to reach this point someday. This is beautiful and would be a perfect gift for my daughter, the marine scientist. Thanks so much for making me see the potential in quilting.

Jan 17, 2011
by: Judy G.

Absolutely beautiful. You are a true artist.

Dec 14, 2010
by: Sherry A. Byrd

Gorgeous....I Love this work!!!

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