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Oak Park Patchwork

by Betty Smith
(Columbus, Mississippi)

Oak Park Patchwork, a work in progress!

Oak Park Patchwork, a work in progress!

Having made a quilt for my daughter in AZ, I decided to start one for my boys in Oak Park, IL. They are so proud of their new home!

I decided to make the quilt an Irish Chain pattern to honor Timothys' heritage. Ravis' family is from India and he loves sunflowers. They both like blue. It wasn't easy to find something that fit! Blues, golds, greens...hmmm. What's a Mom to do?

I found the gold print fabric at WalMart some time ago, but couldn't quite find the right project for it. The photos don't show the small royal blue flowers with tiny burgundy hearts at their center, but they're all there! The flowers have a medium green leaf. I pulled all the colors from the flowers for the quilt colors. The green matches the leaves, the blue matches the flowers and while it's not done in the photos, there will be more of the gold fabric on the border for corner blocks. (Ravis' sunflower gold fabric!) Also, once the corners are in place, I plan on adding an appliqued oak leaf to each block.

This quilt is made to fit a queen size bed with a little extra length/width. It is my first "quilt as you go" project and I absolutely LOVE how easy this technique is. I have arthritis in my hands and wrists, so trying to pull a huge quilt through my home machine is a little trying for me. This technique is so much easier! It took several months for me to complete a king size quilt, but I'll be done with this one after only a month total!

I hope my boys will love this quilt as much as I've enjoyed making it. I also hope that others will consider trying a "quilt as you go" project.

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Aug 20, 2012
Thank you so much!
by: Betty Smith

I am a beginning quilter and appreciate your kind words! Tim tells me that his room is painted blue and the rest of the house is done in golds and greens. I think they'll really enjoy this quilt. The very best thing about quilting for me is sharing the quilts I make with family and friends. Thank you again! Betty

Aug 18, 2012
Love the Sunflowers!
by: Lorna McMahon

I really enjoyed seeing your lovely quilt. The colours remind me of a summer field and beautiful blue sky.

Because of your comments I am seriously considering quilt as you go for my next project. Hope your boys love the quilt as much as I do!

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