New Brunswick Quilt Shops
and Fabric Stores

by Julie Baird

Our current list of New Brunswick quilt shops is shown below for your convenience in alphabetical order by town.

Find one or add your favorite quilting store. Did you spot something out-of-date or just plain wrong?

Please let me know using the 'Add or Correct a Quilt Shop Listing' form. I'll make the changes right away.

Thank you!


New Brunswick Quilt Shops, Fabric Stores and Machine Dealers

Always call ahead to check on a shop's hours for the day of your visit.

Bad weather and holidays can change a store's regular hours. Gas is too expensive and your time to valuable to make a trip only to find the store closed has closed for the day.


Country Crafts and Curtains
334 York St
506 454 2572


1211 Prospect St
506 458 9679

Keswick Ridge

Ridge Machine Quilting and Fabric
280 Route 616
506 478 2349


Dani's Sewing Room
223 Main St
506 327 6125


Edge Squared Quilting Studio
Longarm rentals and fabric
745 North Barnaby
506 623 8301


100 Pleasant St
506 858 0445


The Fabric Cupboard
22 Brandon St
506 855 3800


Boutique su Nadine
1110 Rue Principale

Port Elgin

Spruce It Up Quilt Shop & Quilting
2063 Upper Cape Rd
506 538 7888


The Covered Bridge Quiltery Ltd.
630 Pinewood Rd
506 386 2888


Town and Country Quilts
124 Hampton Rd
506 847 4099


Parkway Mall
212 McAllister Dr
506 633 1656

Shediac Bridge

Kate's Open Quilt Studio
Longarm rentals - no fabric
42 Octave St
506 532 6456


Crafters Vineyard
614 Main St
506 433 8118

Here's how you can help...

If I've missed your favorite store or you see something that needs fixing, click here to let me know. I'll take care of the rest!

Thank you!

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