Music, The Universal Language

by Evelyn Chagnon
(North LIttle Rock, AR)

What's Black and White and Red All Over....

What's Black and White and Red All Over....

Our local quilt shop offered a $5.00 Block, whereby we paid $5 to join, then, each month got another block kit at to cost, as long as we had our previous month's block completed and came to the shop at the scheduled time and date.

I substituted music motif fabrics here and there in each block, and backed it with black music scores on white. The border is black with musical instrument motifs in white. I machine quilted it with red thread, making it black and white and red all over. My grandson, a real "band geek," was the recipient of this project.

Because he was very fond of riddles, I included a riddle poem (poorly written, by Moi) as part of the label. His initials were worked into the middle block, bottom row. My husband was thoroughly disgusted with the silly, poorly written poem/riddle that I included on the label. He just doesn't understand that bad rhymes and corny riddles were a big thing between this grandson and me when he was younger!

The doggerel poem was...

What’s black and white and red all over….
From Russia’s Black Sea to the White Cliffs of Dover?
Its sounds are a part of the fabric of life,
It’s lasted through perils, through wars and through strife.
It’s known by the Poles, it’s known by the Greeks.
From depths of the Nile to the Andes’ great peaks.
It’s heard at a wedding, with lilting church bells,
It’s part of a dirge’s funereal knells.
When new life’s beginning, it’s found at a birth,
A mother’s soft coos or a baby’s sweet mirth.
Take the word “red”… add an “a” to the middle
To help find the answer to this silly riddle…


Music, The Universal Language

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Aug 01, 2012
love this
by: sewlisa

I love the quilt and LOVE the poem/riddle! I too make up things like that and I agree with you... that is part of what makes it so special. Keep up the good work!

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