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Mum's 70th Birthday Log Cabin Photo Quilt

by Lancia Hall
(Caloundra, Queensland, Australia)

I made this quilt for my mother for her 70th birthday in December 2016.

I thought a Log Cabin would show off the photos best and still have an excellent pattern. It is to hang in her house into a specific spot, so designing the right size photo and Log Cabin square size was a challenge.

We presented it to her at a birthday party, so the photo is not where it lives now. I put a rod pocket in the top back and bottom back for rods to keep in place. there is also a legend on the back showing thumbnails of the people with their names. So in 200 years time, people who own it then, will know what it's all about.

I printed my own photos and during the process of the quilt I was able to put all my Grandmothers slides to digital format for the family.

The photos are of My mother and her ancestors going back 3 generations and her descendants to current day.

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Jan 23, 2017
Friendship Quilt
by: Al Ellis

Looks like you had 48 squares (pics). Had one done for my wife in 2001. We did 20 family & friends. I am looking for someone to put together squares into a quilt (friendship quilt) for a person in the Gold Coast area. People from the US. Australia & Canada will provide the squares.

If you know someone of a club that would have some interest let me know. I can send a pic of the one my wife has to give an idea.

My email is or Alvin Ellis on Facebook. If you reply through Facebook please use Messenger.

Thank you,
Alvin Ellis
Katy, Tx

Your quilt is beautiful.

Jan 17, 2017
Wonderful quilt for a Happy Birthday gift
by: The Thread Lady

I love seeing what quilts are being made by readers on my favorite quilting website. I'm always amazed and pleased by how many quilters choose to make quilts using blocks that have been around forever.

Your choice of using the Log Cabin block when you designed this special quilt validates my opinion that the best quilt blocks are the ones that are like old friends who never let us down. That's something I'm trying to teach to a class of brand new quilters, all of whom have never made a quilt!

I rarely teach anymore but I'm making an exception for my fellow residents at the retirement community in Arizona where we have a winter home. I'm enjoying it as much as they are and it's just a coincidence but we picked the Log Cabin block for the first quilt we're making. Of course, none of them will be as wonderful as yours, even my own will look inferior next to yours!

Jan 06, 2017
by: Maria Spanos

Brilliant idea to display family photos.
Thank you for sharing.

Jan 05, 2017
by: Jacque


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