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Made with Love

by Carol

Cliff's pillowcase

Cliff's pillowcase

My son and his wife are working on adopting a young man (11 y/o).

I wanted to make something to welcome him to the family. I am an avid weaver, but did not want to weave him anything at this time. A friend was giving quilting classes, so I signed up for a 2 day course, 2 hours long each. Come to find out it was for those who knew how to quilt. She took me anyway, I was her only student and her first.

I did not know how to pick fabric, but went to the fabric shop and got some fabric in the colors he likes. She taught me the 'fence rail' pattern. It went fairly easily. Which is great because I hate to sew! Though I do when needed.

When finished, I had enough 'fence rail' left over that I made a pillowcase for my blood grandson (from the same family adopting). All I had to do is get some more backing fabric.

Since then, I made a large quilt for my husband (twin bed size) using 12 inch squares. Quilting has been put away for now as I have several weaving projects in the works. But I am thinking of things to quilt in the future.


Congratulations on the new addition to your family and what a special gift! The recipient doesn't always know it, but making a quilt for someone fills it with love and not just batting.

You consider their favorite colors or things they like to do to add some symbolism to the quilt. And then you think about them A LOT as you are stitching.

Carol, it is truly is a remarkable gift. Good luck and 'Best wishes' to you and your family!


Julie Baird

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