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Looking for 'Minnesota Dream' (??) quilt pattern

Several years ago I bought a quilt pattern which I think was called "Minnesota Dream".

I made it for our 40th anniversary quilt and loved it. But I lent out the pattern and forgot to record who got it. No one has "fessed" up and I would dearly love to get it again.

Have anyone of you seen something called Minnesota Dream? It has 4 squares in the center of each block and it framed by 2 borders.

Help please!



If you have a picture of the quilt, why don't you submit it on the Generations Quilt Patterns Machine Quilting Forum page. Just note in the description that this is the quilt from the Minnesota Dream pattern. Include a couple of measurements if you can...that makes it so much easier.

I can then try drafting it in EQ7 to see if I can come close.

In the meantime, if you've heard of this pattern or it sounds familiar, please let us know using the 'comments' link below. Better yet, if you know the designer and we can get another copy of the pattern, that would be terrific information!



Julie Baird

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