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Looking for a pattern for this 20 year old quilt

by Evelyn
(Hendersonville, NC USA)

Does anyone have the quilt pattern for this quilt. I made it 20 years ago but do not have the pattern.



This is a version of the Garden Maze quilt block.

I did not have a pattern so I drafted the original block into my EQ7 (the current version of Electric Quilt design software).

There are three components to the Garden Maze quilt pattern: an 'X' block, sashing and solid blocks. (This would be a nice way to showcase a large floral fabric if the solid blocks are large enough.)

The units look like this:

Garden Maze sashing

The sashing***

Garden Maze block

The 'X' block
Garden Maze solid block

The solid block**


**The solid block is 2x the length and 2x the width of the 'X' block
***The sashings are as wide as the 'X' block and 2x the length

After adding borders, this is what we get...

Garden Maze quilt design

Close, but not quite!

After further inspection of the picture you supplied, it looks like there are two values, each, for the green and the gold fabrics. So I played with structure of the 'X' block and came up with this block. The quilt block structure is the same; the fabric placement is different. See how the center square is dark gold in one and dark green in the other.

Garden Maze block version 4Garden Maze block version 5

The sashings are different, too. They are made from a strip of the lighter gold and the darker green, if I'm not mistaken. They are then flipped and rotated as needed and the result is a design that looks much more like the quilt you have on your wall.

Garden Maze quilt design, version 2

I'd be happy to finish up the design for you, but I would need to know the following to create the instructions:

  • How big are the finished solid blocks

  • Are there, indeed, two values of the gold and the green fabrics?

  • Do I have the values in the right place. If not could you supply a close up or a written description?

  • How many solid blocks do you want in each row and each column?

I'll be out over the weekend for a quilting day with friends, but will check my emails right away on Sunday. I hope this works for you. Just let me know!

UPDATE: Evelyn, I've redrafted your quilt based on the additional information you provided. You can find it by clicking this link Garden Maze Quilt Pattern Design. There are rotary cutting directions and a coloring page to download and construction tips for making the blocks.

Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks for submitting your question. This was fun to work on!


Julie Baird

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Much appreciation
by: evelyn

Hi Julie -

I'm not sure if you received the email I sent - but THANK YOU so very sincerely for taking the time to draft the pattern for that quilt. It was so very nice of you to do this.

I guess now I MUST make this quilt (ha) - and will send you a picture when it is finished.

Again - many thanks and grateful appreciation,


From the Editor: It was my pleasure, Evelyn! It was an interesting twist with the scrappy links and fun to work on. Again, let me know if you have any questions...


by: Julie Baird

See the update above for the link to the revised pattern and free downloads for rotary cutting instructions and a coloring page for this quilt.


by: Julie Baird

Hi Evelyn...

Just wanted to let you know that I'm progressing on the blocks. Redrafted the pattern today and will sew out the blocks tomorrow to double check the cutting instructions and then post the information hopefully sometime tomorrow night.

~ Julie

You are wonderful!
by: evelyn

Thank you for your advice and reply!!!! The finished size of the quilt is 60 x 84; the finished size of the individual blocks are 1-1/2 and 2 inch.

Many thanks!

From the Editor: Evelyn, I'll be out for a quilting day today (Saturday) and will get back to work on this tomorrow. This closeup photo is extremely helpful. Thank you for supplying it!~Julie

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